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Tweets of the Week - 05/20

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, the list of UFC fighters and the list of Strikeforce fighters to keep up with these guys.

Apparently Cub Swanson is Hilarious
has a heart of gold! He just donated his entire chest hair to Locks of Love.
#whywouldilie @UFC

I heard the
movie "Thor" was actually based on @BrianStann

I once saw
@CarlosCondit flying triangle a gorilla, that had escaped from the zoo

I once saw
@NathanMarquardt rip a guys arms off in practice! Then I was told to relax
cause it happens all the time. #whywouldilie @ufc  -Cub Swanson

Welcome to the 2K Club!

I wonder if
I get to 2000 followers before this weekend I'll get an upgrade for the Rapture
this weekend #morelegroom

At 2000! I
knew a Rebecca Black reference would get me over the top. Thank you tweens!  -Daniel Downes

With One Click, You Can Help

please help these well deserving UFC fighters if u can.its no walk on the beach
out there. God bless u all  -Joseph Benavidez


When I was
doing amateur kickboxn, id kick opponents in the groin to calm them down. #fact  -Duane Ludwig


My entire
life I have waited for #ZombieApocalypse. You allowed to hide behind me and my
friends as your nightmare turns into our fantasy.  -Tim Kennedy


I wish I
could extreme coupon but I just don't have the time these ppl are crazy  -Brian Bowles

It’s Called Ambience!

You know
you're in the @UFC office when you see bloody canvases just lying around  -Amir Sadollah

Out but not Down

Thanks guys!
I'll be good, gonna take care of this and I'll be back to impress. I promise a
war and a KO to my next opponent. You guys rock!  -Bart Palaszewski

Thank you
all. Everyone who has sent messages of support. I truly appreciate it. Nothing
is more disappointing than not getting to compete.  -Mac Danzig

Damacio with the One-Up

@DiegoDBaca  I have a wallet made of chupacabra skin! 
-Damacio Page

First Rule of Project Rampage…
Since so
many people r talking about my interviews,if I'm asked stupid questions u will
get a certain interview,others get funny interviews  -Quinton

Dogs 101

I thought it
was a good idea to follow my dog into eagle creek today cuz it's so nice out.
Jumping in was a bad call.  -Patrick Healy

#Why is it
that dogs (maybe not all) prefer water bottles over actual toys?  -Sarah

@DiazBrothers209  -Cody McKenzie

Papa Machine

beauty!  -Mark Hominick

Birthday Bruisers

Thanks for
all the birthday wishes so it's my turn to give something back; so in about one
hour episode 3 will be online!  -Alistair Overeem

I'm 30!!
Thank you for the happy birthdays!  -Georges St-Pierre

In honor of
@danhardymma's birthday, here are some classic cars as modeled by @duanebangcom -UFC

Good Eye!

Soooo can
ne1 tell me why cartman is dressed like @PhilMrWonderful on southpark this
evening?  -Dominick Cruz

Unexpected Support

gutted for
chael sonnen, people make mistakes.He paid his dues and should be allowed to
continue with his career. Real shame for the guy.  -Michael Bisping

Ultimate Legend

Did a very
good, fun tv interview at "attack of the show", about the Ultimate
Royce Gracie new DVD.  -Royce Gracie

Fighters Riled Up

I gotta stop
knocking people out in the gym!!!!!!  -Jason Young

Watching @ufc unleashed on spike .. Cant wait to fight !  -Josh Grispi

Junior is
the legit #1 Contender in the @UFC for a reason. I am honored he would accept a
fight with me. I will be ready for this fight.  -Shane Carwin

Pain beats
feeling regret any day!!!!! Going for the gold... #FB  -Anthony Pettis