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TUF20: The Tough Girl Lifestyle

I'm no Jen Selter, but I work out three or four times a week, I do some weights sessions with my personal trainer and I've entered the odd race.

None of these things prepared me for an hour and a half with Joanne "JoJo" Calderwood and Aisling Daly, two of the toughest girls in sport.

On first meet, JoJo and Aisling are both polite, sweet, good-natured girls.
In fact, JoJo seems almost bashful - she's quieter than Aisling and looks up at you, doe-eyed, through long lashes as she talks. If it weren't for her partially shaven locks and shoulder tattoo, she wouldn't fit the fighter stereotype at all.
But hey, stereotypes are for losers anyway.
These girls might be sweet as you like over a post-sparring sandwich in Prêt-A-Manger, but meet either of them in a ring (or a cage) and you'd be lucky to come out with all your teeth.
Actually, you'd be lucky to walk out still conscious.
A notoriously tough, full-contact and male dominated sport - it doesn't sound like the most inviting post-work activity.
I turned up to the session shattered, after seven days straight running around putting together Yahoo's Fashion Week projects.
No time for excuses though, after a short warm up and a few example sparring moves, JoJo and Aisling put me to work.
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