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TUF Smashes: The Octagon Girls

Meet the two beauties who were specially selected for The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes.

Name: Kristie McKeon  

Age: 22

From: Copa Cabana, Central Coast, NSW

5’8 or 173 cm

54 kg

•    MMA training
•    Surfing, in the summer
•    Designing – I have a diploma in graphic design and love coming up with new creations
•    Scrap booking

Favourite Foods:
•    All sorts of lollies. I have a wicked sweet tooth.

Anything interesting we should know about you?
•    I’m extremely flexible, thanks to years of being a gymnast.

How did you become a UFC Octagon Girl?

The possibility of an Australian UFC Octagon became real when it was announced that the UFC would film a local version of its long-standing reality TV series – The Ultimate Fighter: Australia vs UK - ‘The Smashes’.
I’ve been a fan of UFC for a long time, I’ve even worked in a mixed martial arts (MMA) gym in Sydney for some time.  I’ve watched the Octagon Girls on UFC shows for years so when the opportunity to be cast for the role in The Smashes came up, I jumped at the chance.
I auditioned for the role when UFC President Dana White was in town and it was he gave me the job on the spot! I was beyond thrilled.

Aside from your role as an Octagon Girl, what else do you do?
I’m a fulltime model and have appeared in a number of fashion campaigns. I completed studies in graphic design which led to work in the field.
Describe your training routine – how often do you train and what do you do?
I train a lot! I love exercising and staying fit, active and healthy, so training is really important to me.
I’ll do at least one, if not two sessions a day, five to six times a week. I split each of these sessions between cardio for fitness and weights for toning all parts of my body.
To keep things interesting, I like to mix up training techniques as I can but always focusing on toning my legs, abs, bum and arms.

Do you incorporate disciplines of MMA in your training routine?

The best full body workout is a MMA workout. It’s also the most enjoyable!
I worked for one year at Platinum Extreme MMA gym in North Sydney, so I saw the benefits and results of training MMA on a daily basis.
Incorporating disciplines such as boxing and Muay Thai can be really beneficial as these forms of martial arts require great strength, endurance and technique, all of which are great for cardio as well as toning and tightening the body.
Hitting pads with my training partner or the bag when I’m alone are my favourite ways to workout. It’s a great way to keep my arms toned and my heart pumping. Muay Thai is similar to boxing, but involves strikes with legs and elbows so you achieve a whole body workout. Muay Thai forces you to get your knees moving which can be exhausting after just a few reps.  
I have tried Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) a couple of times, but despite my flexibility I find it way too difficult!

Do you think an MMA workout is also good for females?
Yes, absolutely! MMA training is the best full body workout and it’s always a lot of fun, as there’s so many different techniques and disciplines so you can mix-up your training and keep it interesting. I also find it’s an amazing stress release so I usually walk away from the gym feeling great!
I recently introduced a girlfriend of mine to MMA training. She was really apprehensive at first, but she loved the workout. Now she’s training kickboxing and Muay Thai at her local MMA gym every week.

Do you maintain a strict diet? What do you eat and what do you avoid?

My diet is quite strict, but I do allow for a little indulgence from time to time. During the week I try my best to keep a very clean diet, packed with fresh fruit and veggies, adding lots of protein and trying my best to avoid carbohydrates. On weekends, I relax on this regimen a little and add carbohydrates, which I love and are an indulgence I have when going out for a nice meal.

What is it you like about the UFC?

I have to be one of the biggest UFC fans out there! I love watching all of the fights, especially live as the atmosphere is always electric. Understanding the rules of the UFC and knowing all of the various MMA techniques has really made me enjoy the competition much more.
The fighters are so dedicated to the sport and I really appreciated the amount of effort goes into their training and preparation – they really elite athletes who inspire me to better myself.

Who is your favourite UFC fighter and why?
I enjoy watching fighters who are strong strikers. I love watching fights that stay on the feet, with both guys trading blow after blow. So, probably either Junior Dos Santos or Anderson Silva – two of the best strikers in the UFC.

What is the best part of being an Octagon Girl?

To be so close to the action Octagon-side is probably the best part of the job, for me. It amazes me to see just how real this competition is.

Name: Kahili Blundell    

Age: 23

From: Dee Why, Sydney, NSW

Height: 168cm

Weight: 52kg

Kickboxing and anything outdoors and adventurous.

Favourite Foods: Japanese

Anything interesting we should know about you?

My name is a Hawaiian flower

How did you become a UFC Octagon Girl?
A friend that I do regular ringcard work for around Sydney informed me of the Australian casting as soon as she heard the news as she felt I was a perfect candidate for the position. From that day on throughout the casting process I knew I had to do all I could to secure the role as it was a once in a life time opportunity and for me my ideal job!.

Describe your training routine – how often do you train and what do you do?

I am a qualified personal trainer and passionate exerciser therefore I train roughly 5 days a week. My weekly training schedule changes as I love variety and getting outdoors as well as in a gym environment.   I also train out of a local MMA gym 2 times per week as I am a Muay Thai enthusiast.

Do you incorporate disciplines of MMA in your training routine?
Yes, I have been trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing for almost 4 years.

Do you think an MMA workout is also good for females?
Absolutley, MMA is a good training workout for everyone. It is becoming more and more popular for females as it is a full body workout and incorporates so much mental discipline, strength, power, flexibility and most importantly it can assist in building females self esteem.

Do you maintain a strict diet? What do you eat and what do you avoid?

I have always maintained a well balanced and healthy diet from a very young age. I am very interested in nutrition and always intrigued by new ways of looking after my body. Food is fuel so I am a strong believer in “You are what you eat”

What is it you like about the UFC?
I love everything about the UFC. The fighters skills, athletic performance and fitness levels are inspirational. As well as the entertainment it brings and its large support network of fans.
Who is your favourite UFC fighter and why?
Randy Couture, a close friend of mine has been a supporter of Randy for years so we have continued together to follow his career.

What is the best part of being an OG?
I have been a UFC fan for awhile so the opportunity to be involved and up and close to the action is a dream in itself.