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TUF Heavy Hitters Blog: Leah Letson Part 2


After being snubbed with the first overall pick and seeing Team Whitaker go down 0-2 in the competition, my TUF experience started out a little rocky.

Heading into the tournament, you try to visualize everything that could happen, but at the end of the day you're hoping for, and at least partially expecting, the best.

Well, so much for that. Ha-ha.

I think it would've been fairly easy to get really worried about the direction my team was headed, and to let that maybe even affect my performance in the Octagon. So I needed to take a moment to sit back, reflect and re-focus on the task at hand after last night's loss.

Seeing both of my teammates fall short in their fights did almost make me a bit nervous, I'm not going to lie. But, due to a couple different circumstances, I had an eight-month training camp leading up to the competition, so I was truly prepared for anything. This was just another obstacle that had to be overcome. I just had to trust in myself, as well as my coaches and their guidance.

I had to remind myself that even though things may not be going perfectly, I was doing everything I could to give myself the best possible chance to succeed when given the opportunity to compete in the Octagon, despite what was going on around me.