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TUF Brazil 3: Episode 5 Recap

Relive the fifth episode of TUF Brazil 3: Team Sonnen vs. Team Silva.

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We start this week’s episode with a quick recap. After winning their second straight fight, Team Wanderlei chooses Ricardo Abreu aka “Demente” to square off against Guilherme Vasconcelos aka “Bomba.” Coach Sonnen realizes that Demente is a strong competitor, but he believes that Bomba could win the entire tournament. Wanderlei knows that both competitors are high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners, but chose the fight because of Demente’s physical superiority.

From there we move to another physical challenge. This week it’s the “Ferry Game.” Both teams will have to construct a sea-worthy vehicle out of some strong, rubber tubes and bamboo. After that, they’ll have to paddle their ferry out and around a buoy and return to shore. Last week, the winning team earned the right to pick the next fight. This time around the victors will receive a fancy dinner prepared and served to them by the losing team. Once the racing portion begins, Team Sonnen creeps out to an early lead. Team Wanderlei soon pulls ahead and by the time the race ends they have a commanding lead. It may seem only a game, but frustration starts to set in with Team Sonnen. Whether it’s the fight game or a ferry game, nobody likes to lose. 

There’s no time to pout, though, and the teams are back in the gym training. Chael Sonnen is running his team through more wrestling techniques and defense from the front headlock position. As that goes on we hear more from Bomba. He reveals that he and Demente are old training partners. Because of this, he believes that Demente specifically asked for this match. Regardless of the motivations, Bomba plans on making this a standup fight. Chael Sonnen continues his high praise when he calls Bomba’s skills “outstanding,” and doesn’t really see any weaknesses in his game.

Next, Team Sonnen dutifully performs their punishment task. They even get dressed up in white shirts and black ties to complete the experience. Despite the four star appearances, Team Wanderlei isn’t too impressed. Marmota calls the salmon dish “salty.” You just can’t please some people...

Unconcerned with a lackluster dinner, Demente is focused on his fight. He opens up a bit more about his childhood and shares his path to fighting. As a young kid he was very hyperactive and couldn’t concentrate. He was also quite combative and got into many fights. Once he found jiu jitsu, though, that all changed. He was able to focus and it gave him a purpose. As for strategy, he doesn’t really have one. He’s content to let Bomba dictate where the fight goes and will adapt from there. The only thing he thinks about is finishing. He’s always looking for submissions and/or knockouts. He calls it his trademark.

After weigh-ins and some final preparations, it’s fight time!


Bomba is the first to strike with heavy-handed punches. Demente answers back with a cross, hook combo of his own and Bomba retreats back to the fence. Demente continues to charge forward and secures the takedown. He tries to advance, but Bomba shuts him down and makes it back to his feet. The two exchange a few more punches and Bomba counters with a takedown. He tries to move to back mount, but Demente escapes back to his feet. The fighters continue their back and forth and Demente finishes another takedown. This time he’s able to works some ground and pound, but Bomba finds another way to slide out back to his feet. At the ten second warning, Bomba rushes in for a last minute takedown, but the round ends before he can finish.


Bomba begins the second round with a flurry. Demente responds with some heavy punches of his own. Bomba comes back with a wild right hand, but Demente ducks under it and gets inside for a takedown. Just like the first round, Bomba isn’t held down for long, slides out and returns to his feet. Demente earns another takedown, and Bomba quickly rises to his feet once more. Charging forward, Bomba starts whipping heavy hooks and uppercuts at his opponent. He keeps charging forward and finishes a takedown with less than two minutes remaining. Demente makes it back to his feet and counters with a takedown of his own. Working from half guard, he’s not able to create much offense, but he’s able to keep Bomba flat on his back. The round ends with Demente in the dominant position.

The judges’ scorecards come back and Demente takes the unanimous decision. Chael isn’t disappointed. He knows it was an extremely high level competition worthy of an UFC fight card. Wanderlei is much less gracious. He wonders if he should start charging Sonnen a seminar fee for schooling him so much. Even though he hasn’t won a fight this season, the American Gangster isn’t worried. “[We have] some real racehorses left in the barn waiting for their turn at the gate.”

We close with a preview for next week’s episode. Will Chael and Wanderlei finally throw down? What will be the repercussions? How will this affect the fighters at the house? Find out this and more next week on The Ultimate Fighter!