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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode Six Recap

Read on for a recap of episode six of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2...

Dutra subs Irie and gives Team Nogueira the lead

Vitor Belfort was a target for jokes between the squads at TUF Brasil 2, while Wand gets mad with Daniel "Gelo"

Team Werdum and Team Nogueira started the sixth episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2 tied up, with each team currently having two representatives in the quarterfinals, and this fact brought even more intensity to the challenge that would define who will retain the power to select future fights.

The two groups of fighters entered the gym without knowing what was going to happen, but soon after, referee Mario Yamasaki explained the rules of a dodgeball match where the winning team would pick the next fight. The participants were very excited, and quickly William Macario and Marcio "Pedra" Santos were eliminated. From there, Team Nogueira opened a large advantage in the game, with Viscardi Andrade being the last man standing of Team Werdum. With a lot of dexterity, Andrade played with his heart and eliminated one after one from his adversary’s squad, getting the triumph in the dodgeball challenge.

His team’s choice for the next fight? Fabricio Werdum opted for Pedro Irie to represent him against Luis "Besouro" Dutra of Team Nogueira. After the pick, Big Nog said "That was what we wanted!"

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, the twin brother of Big Nog, visited to follow the training sessions, while Minotauro tried to pump his guys up because three of them sustained small injuries: "This is not different than what you guys had during a fight and you overcame it. Don't let the pace goes down, you're better than those guys. This is your life's chance."

Meanwhile, the yellow team’s work with Wanderlei Silva was on fire. Nobody escaped from the intensity, with even Werdum suffering a small cut under his chin and a black eye.

During these sessions, the first season coach of TUF Brasil, former UFC light heavyweight champion Vítor Belfort, was the target of several jokes coming from Wand. That wasn’t all though, as Team Nogueira’s men removed Belfort's poster from the wall and put it in the opponent's locker room while moving all pictures with Werdum into an upside down position. Eric Albarracin, wrestling coach of the green team, forgot his glasses during the prank and when he returned to get them, he was literally kidnapped by the opposing group. Big Nog and his pupils went there to save Albarracin and a total mess started, but in the end what bothered them the most was Belfort's poster.

In this week’s fight, the day of truth has come, as Dutra Jr. and Irie won't just determine the next fighter to advance, but mark the team which will now lead the competition.

In the initial moments, Dutra was better in the exchanges on the feet, and he landed good knees in the clinch. The luta livre black belt also got to take Irie down, putting the fight into his specialty, the ground. From there, Dutra worked to get a kimura and imposed his ground and pound. Irie committed the mistake of giving up his back to avoid the punishment, and that made Dutra's job easy, as he sunk in the rear naked choke that ended the fight 1:23 into the very first round.

Soon after the loss of Irie, Daniel Gelo praised Dutra's style, because they already trained together, to the teammates: "He's a superior competitor." Wand heard this and didn't like the comments, arguing with Daniel about his attitude.

"He [Wand] misunderstood that I was supporting the opposite team and giving the props to our adversary. He got mad, and asked for me to not talk like this anymore. I understood him," said Daniel.

"Wand showed him that this is not something to talk about. I can't say to my team that Dutra is dangerous, that’s he's the guy and things like that," Werdum stated.