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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode Four Recap

 Read on for a recap of episode four of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2...


• Viscardi Andrade knocks out Thiago “Jambo” and, qualified for the quarter finals, gets another win for Team Werdum

• Yan’s injury  requires surgery  and the fighter leaves the competition; defeated in the elimination round, Daniel "Gelo" returns

• Team Nogueira fighter Neilson Gomes is another injury casualty

Rede Globo aired the fourth episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2 on April 7, with one more athlete qualifying for the quarterfinals as well as several changes in the game.

In an unexpected rematch, Viscardi Andrade defeated the recently returned Thiago Jambo with a beautiful knockout, putting him in the quarterfinals while marking the third victory of Team Werdum. Jambo had returned as a substitute for Neilson Gomes, who, with a knee injury, had to withdraw from the competition. Another welterweight who prematurely waved goodbye was Yan Cabral, who broke his hand during last week’s bout against David Vieira and had to leave the house. In its place came Daniel "Gelo" who, like Jambo, had been cut in the first round.

In addition to the goodbyes and returns, the episode was also marked by two special visits. Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos made a visit to the gym, leaving the members of Team Nogueira excited. Cigano, a pupil of Minotauro, put on his green shirt of the team and gave advice to Jambo.

In addition, UFC President Dana White made his first appearance in the program through a videoconference. "We want fighters physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to win the competition, and who knows, become world champions," White said to the group.

A special challenge later in the show brought a twist: in a rotation task, each team had to push a Renault Duster with their respective coaches and cans of bony acai energy and TNT in it for 400 meters. The winning team would have a chance to "steal" the power of matching fights achieved and maintained by Team Werdum after two wins from the previous episode.

Seeing the track, the fighters soon got excited about the possibility of an exciting kart race. However, they soon discovered that instead of driving the cars, they would have to push them. But Team Nogueira still emerged victorious.

"They won the game, but we will actually win in real life," said coach Fabricio Werdum.

The third episode, aired on March 31, had ended with an air of suspense. Yan Cabral, who had submitted David Vieira and qualified for the quarterfinals, hurt his hand during the fight. In the locker room, everyone noticed the swelling on his hand, which raised general concerns about the extent of the injury. Would it be severe enough to prevent him from continuing in the competition?

An x-ray, confirmed the fighter's greatest fear: there was a serious fracture. Despite his desire to continue training, Yan heard from coach Fabricio Werdum the final verdict: he would, for his own safety, leave the house. The moment was very emotional. Despite their short time together, Yan had become a leader among his peers, receiving the nickname "President" after leading the infamous joke of the mattresses. Leo Santos, who, like Yan, is a member of the Nova União team, was one of the most emotional.

After Yan’s departure, Daniel "Gelo", who had been defeated by Márcio "Pedra" in the elimination stages, replaced him.

"I think I was chosen because of what the UFC asks, which is aggressiveness when is time to fight," said the fighter. The reception from his colleagues, however, was less than warm, and some questioned the reasons why he would have returned. Patolino also commented that he would not be very well-rounded and that his team would have problems.

Now controlling the next fight pick, Team Nogueira decided to put Neilson Gomes to fight Viscardi Andrade. On the day of weigh ins, however, Gomes arrived with his knee swollen and sore. Unable even to walk, he was taken to the hospital where it was found out that he had injured the ligament, which had been previously operated on, and would have to leave the competition. With the departure of Neilson entered a substitute, Thiago "Jambo", who had been defeated by knockout against Viscardi. Team Nogueira opted to put him back against Viscardi in an unexpected rematch. Visibly annoyed with the choice, Viscardi had no choice but to accept the rematch.

Jambo started well in combat, attacking and getting a takedown. Viscardi, however, kept his guard and didn’t let his back to touch the ground, managing to reverse the situation and eventually leave the grid and return the fight to the standing position.

Jambo kept calm, controlling the center of the Octagon. The round went without major action, and Jambo even tried a takedown that Viscardi defended. After a brief interruption of the referee, Viscardi wasted no time, and with less than 30 seconds left in the round, he left his opponent stunned after a series of strikes. A final blow sealed the fate of Jambo, who fell to the canvas and forced the referee to declare the end of the clash. A victory by TKO and one more point for  Team Werdum.

The triumph, however, was not only greeted by happiness. After winning, Viscardi was carried away by the heat of the moment and dedicated the win to the coach of the opposing team, Minotauro. The coach, in turn, did not like the attitude of the fighter. The members of the teams talked, however, and Viscardi apologized to the coach, who also apologized for his reaction.

"I was feeling that I was harmed by the situation," blurted Viscardi. "That was choking me," he added. The war between the teams, however, promises to be even tougher in the next episode.