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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode Five Recap

Read on for a recap of episode five of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2...


• Takedowns make the difference as "Patolino" gets the better of "Marreta" by unanimous decision, giving Team Nogueira the power of fight selection

• Chosen by the green team, Leo Santos uses jiu-jitsu to control Juliano "Ninja"

• Joke by Fabricio Werdum unleashes a war between the teams in the locker room

The fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2 put two welterweights into the quarterfinals of the program. After defeating Thiago "Marreta" by unanimous decision, William "Patolino" scored the first victory for Team Nogueira, who also won the right to match the next fight. The man chosen by the green team, Leonardo Santos, kept the balance in favor of his team, getting a unanimous decision win against Juliano "Ninja". Team Nogueira is now just one win behind Team Werdum. "Confidence is returning, and is much better," celebrated Minotauro.

In addition to the two qualifying matches, the episode also saw the war between the teams escalate. The battle began after a prank by Team Werdum, causing a reaction from the rival team. Soon, it was declared a war between the locker rooms as barricades were made, and apples, bananas, cans and chairs were thrown mercilessly.

With the power of selecting the next bout after winning the last fight, Team Werdum chose to match Thiago Marreta with William Patolino. The two have Muay Thai backgrounds, as Patolino began training to fight at the age of 12 already aiming for MMA, while "Marreta" currently serves as professor of the sport in two gyms. The battle between the two already began with an intense faceoff and fighter Marcio "Pedra" faced a dilemma: although a member of the yellow team of Marreta, he is a friend and training partner of William Patolino out of the house.

Marreta was the first to try the takedown, but Patolino was the first to succeed, controlling the fight while applying knees and elbows against the body and face. Marreta soon escaped and the fight resumed standing. Marreta took advantage of his reach, keeping the distance with jabs and kicks against the thigh before Patolino got yet another takedown.

Marreta returned for round two trying to make use of the reach again, with two good high kick attempts - including a spinning kick. Patolino, however, still applied his efficient strategy, and the result was a unanimous decision victory.

With the victory of Patolino, Team Nogueira won the decision-making power, and they chose Leo Santos to represent them against Juliano "Ninja". Highly ranked in jiu-jitsu, Leo Santos became the youngest world champion in the gentle art at age 15, in the blue belt division. Juliano, on the other hand, is also an expert in jiu-jitsu and wrestling, and is known for his quirky personality.

It was Santos emerging from the bout with a unanimous decision, but the defeat didn’t appear to shake Ninja, who, always positive, said “I've lived a lot worse things in life. I came to win. It was not my time.”