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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode Eight Recap

Read on for a recap of episode eight of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2...

The eighth episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2 had a huge importance for the Team Werdum. With only two representatives qualified to move to the quarterfinals, the yellow squad could fill the two slots remaining for the next stage and equal the number of fighters from Team Nogueira, who qualified four men after a tough start. Besides Daniel Gelo, who replaced the injured Yan Cabral, Werdum still could place two of his pupils in the wild card fight. But a series of surprises would seal the competition's future in a decisive episode of TUF Brasil 2.

Deception and surprise before the match

The environment was tense. While Daniel Gelo was booked to face Cleiton Foguete in the week’s first fight, the rest of the competitors who lost were very anxious for the wild card opportunity. That would be their second chance to keep the dream of joining the UFC alive. Minotauro Nogueira surprised with his decision, opting for Thiago "Marreta" Santos, a member of the opposite team. Fabrício Werdum picked the knockout artist Pedro Iriê. Minotauro's decision disappointed David Vieira, who still had hopes of a new opportunity.

"Who am I to disagree? But I was hopeful and I imagined I could have that second chance. Life is like that; it hits us when we're not expecting it", Vieira lamented.

Meanwhile, the fighters sweated to make weight for their fights. Daniel Gelo, through, was having a hard time doing it.

"I stayed on the treadmill for one hour, and when I checked, I had lost only a bit more than half a pound. My weight didn't go down," Gelo said.

On the other hand, his opponent, Cleiton Foguete, was starving while a barbecue was organized by Big Nog a session of outdoor training.

"For me, this barbecue was suffering." Foguete said, smiling.

At the weigh in, while every fighter scheduled reached the scale with their weight okay, Gelo was overweight, three and a half pounds over 170. According to the commission rules, a competitor can't cut more than 2.2 pounds in a period of less than one hour and, in a final decision, Cleiton Foguete advanced to the next phase while Gelo was eliminated from TUF Brasil season 2. Before that, in spite of his tears, Gelo heard not only from his coaches, but also from those of Team Nogueira.

"He didn't reach the weight and it was a lack of responsibility", said Werdum.

"I see it like a serious lack of discipline. In an ultimate opportunity like this one on The Ultimate Fighter Brasil, you can't lose to the scales", Luiz Dórea commented.

Gelo only had regrets.

"The competition has rules and to be there you need to be ready to follow them. It didn't happen for me. Unfortunately it wasn't this time."

The time has come as the fighters square off for the last spot in the quarterfinals. Both competitors were from Team Werdum, so the coaches opted to not coach. In the bleachers, the rest of the participants also didn't scream words of support, including former light heavyweight champion and Hall of Fame member Chuck Liddell, who watched the match in silence.

Thiago "Marreta" Santos and Pedro Irie opted to trade punches since the start of the fight in one of the most balanced fights of the season. In the first stanza, Irie seemed to be more effective, utilizing good Muay thai. However, in the second, Santos worked from the outside and took advantage of his gigantic reach. He landed more significant strikes and earned the victory by unanimous decision.

"In my opinion Irie won the first and Santos the second round. You can't leave it in the judges’ hands", summarized Liddell perfectly.

"Irie has heavy hands; he hit me and a few times I was dizzy. I'm super happy, I had a second chance and I said I'd do differently. I came back more pumped and determined; it's the Thiago "Marreta" Santos that you'll see from now on." Santos, the last to qualify for the quarterfinals, then stated celebrating.

The next episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2 will determine the quarterfinal matchups, and one of the competitors will be forced to leave his dream behind.