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TUF Blog: Maurice Greene Part 4


On this week's episode we started to see a little drama coming from the other side of the house.

By the looks of it, Team Whittaker didn't take too active of a role in coaching their fighters. They seemed to just want to keep them sharp but not do too much to help them evolve. The intensity of the training sessions on that side left a lot to be desired.

Team Gastelum, on the other hand, took our strengths and used their knowledge and insight to help them become even more advantageous to us. Every training session we were pushed hard. Even though we were only training as a team for a relatively short period of time, I did improve as a fighter from being on Team Gastelum. It was disappointing to see people on the other side of the house not feeling the same way, so I was more than happy to invite anyone to work out with us if they weren't satisfied with the training from Team Whittaker.

Looking back on it, I'm so happy that I was selected to Team Gastelum. That was my hope going into the season, and his story of being the last pick on his season, then winning the tournament, resonated with me and just felt right. Now that the dust has settled, I know that my intuition was correct, as usual.

Last night, we unfortunately didn't get the win. It would've felt so good to be 4-0, but we took our first loss. Regardless, times are still good in the TUF house. Our team is getting along well, everyone is improving daily, and we're just as confident as we've ever been as the season progresses.

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