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TUF Blog: Marciea Allen Part 8


Team Gastelum is finally back in the win column after the devastating finish Macy delivered in her fight.

It was unfortunate that I only managed to get a week to training with Macy, but when I did, she showcased the same intensity in training sessions as she did during her fight.

It’s definitely a different training methodology than what I was accustomed to doing, but a memorable one.

In regards to Maurice, to nobody’s surprise his belligerent drinking became a norm. It irritated me knowing that despite him still being in the competition that, in my eyes, he wasn’t taking this as seriously as most professional fighters would. Especially in a rare opportunity such as TUF that most would die to be in, including someone like myself that was longer in the competition.

The most I could do, being in such an irregular position, was to not worry about it and just pray on it, and that’s just what I did. As time goes on in the show, this becomes very apparent from my perspective.

Either way, the episodes are getting more and more juicy as they progress both in the TUF gym and in the house.

Stay tuned. As you noticed, I’m thinking about leaving the TUF house next episode because of several incidents....