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TUF Blog: Josh Parisian Part 3



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A post shared by Josh Parisian (@parisianmma) on Sep 1, 2018 at 3:17pm PDT

This week’s episode had one of my favorite fights of the entire season. Not because I thought it was a phenomenal back and forth war or anything, but simply because of how completely polar opposite Justin and Anderson are.

Anderson has carved a blood path through all of his competition in kickboxing. He’s ranked top 10 in the world and trains with legendary fighters. He was the most decorated martial artist in the house, without a doubt.

Then you have Justin. Just a dude from Arkansas. Works long hours in an auto shop, loves his truck, loves to barbecue, and pretty much just lives a life that’s cookie cutter to how you would think a small town southern boy would live.

I think everyone that watched the fight was absolutely shocked. On paper, Justin was not meant to win, but Justin had the strongest weapon you could possibly have, and that’s the belief in himself. He came out of the gate using the exact same formula he’s always used and still managed to steamroll Anderson.

The fight almost felt like early UFC days to me. Both fighters didn’t have a very well rounded game at the time, but both of them were exceptional at just one part. Silva with the phenomenal kickboxing abilities, and Frazier being a great wrestler and hands down the strongest guy I’ve ever grappled with. It was truly a battle of different fight styles.

Although Justin was given a hard time about not coming to the house in the best shape, if we were being fair, I think a lot of us never truly worked as hard as they made us work. We’re all better for it, but it definitely took some adjusting to.

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