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TUF 14 - Episode Six Recap

The fighters discussion Akira’s controversial tap that wasn’t called in the last fight. Neace hangs his head, saying he is 100% sure his opponent tapped. Mayhem reiterates that he needs to let the ref stop the fight. 

The orange team’s prerogative is to buckle down and prepare for the next fight. Steve Siler says he’s the only one on the orange team who canbeat Diego Brandao. Mayhem calls Diego extremely tough, but notes that Siler has cardio “for days” and has unusual size for the weight class. Siler hopes to knock Diego out.

Bisping says he’s excited to see Diego fight, but also apprehensive because of Diego’s conceit.

Both fighters weigh in and square off. Diego talks about losing his dad when he was 14 and then selling drugs to make money. He says he had a realization that he would die on the streets, so he stopped slinging and started to fight. On his dying bed in hospital, Diego's father told him to take care of his family, which is what drives him to win.

On fight day, Siler enters the gym prepared, relaxing on the couch so he can save energy for the fight. Diego trains in the Octagon though Bisping tells him he should rest.

As the ref starts the fight, Diego sprints across the Octagon and launches a flying knee that just misses Siler. Both men swing leather. Diego stuns Siler with a blow to the head, then charges in quickly, dropping Siler and finishing the fight.

Bisping says the plan was to “not do anything crazy” and of course, Diego did the complete opposite. Post-fight, Bisping once again taunts the orange team and Mayhem.

Later, Bisping sits down with John Albert and TJ Dillashaw to figure out the next fights. TJ wants to be matched against Roland Delorme – the easier opponent – so that he has a better shot at being in the finals.

In the orange team locker room, Roland shows a swollen foot to his coaches. They say it looks like staph and send him to a doctor.
During fight announcements, Bisping rattles off a list of Mayhem-related behavior that “make you look like an asshole.” He announces that Albert will be facing off against Dodson of “Team Sore Loser.” Dodson doesn’t break character as he runs up to Albert and delivers a friendly hug.

Meanwhile, Akira calls TJ a draft dodger for having Albert take on Dodson, who they all consider to be the blue team’s top fighter. Bisping announces the final matchup between TJ and the MIA Roland.

Albert says he can beat anybody in the house, and thinks his strength will surprise Dodson. Bisping echoes that Albert is a tough, dangerous fighter.

Mayhem characterizes Dodson as pure energy condensed in a micro-frame. He says the fighter executes inexplicable ninja-matrix moves, but his Achilles heel is that he’s lazy.

On fight day, Albert says neither of them plans on taking the other down so it’s going to be a “straight brawl.” The ref starts the fight and the fighters tap off. Both fighters stay to the center of the cage, but Dodson is quicker, and Albert has trouble returning the hits. Dodson nails Albert with combo after combo. Albert goes for a takedown to no avail. Twice the bout hits the ground, which in both cases consists of Dodson delivering pain from above.

In round two, the two exchange leg kicks; an overzealous Dodson slips but quickly pops back up. Albert sits back, fighting a more defensively. Dodson gets a few good combos and a big head kick that puts Albert on his heels. Albert jumps on top of Dodson, but on the floor, Dodson gets top position. They scramble out of it, with Dodson scoring two more takedowns before the bell.

Dana calls Dodson's speed unmatchable, and says that Albert looked like he was dodging his opponent.

The ref announces the winner as Dodson. In the locker room, Bisping tries to console Albert, promising a call back for the finale, but Albert can’t be comforted. Bisping walks out of the room and starts heckling Mayhem with insincere congratulations on the fight.
Diego Brandao 1-0
Akira Corassani 1-0
Marcus Brimage – Eliminated in episode two by Bryan Caraway
Stephen Bass – Eliminated in episode four by Dennis Bermudez
Louis Gaudinot – Eliminated in episode four by Dustin Pague
TJ Dillashaw
John Albert - Elminated in episode six by John Dodson
Josh Ferguson – Eliminated in episode three by Johnny Bedford


Dennis Bermudez 1-0
Bryan Caraway 1-0
Dustin Neace - Eliminated in episode five by Akira Corassani
Steven Siler Eliminated in episode six by Diego Brandao
John Dodson 1-0
Johnny Bedford 1-0
Dustin Pague 1-0
Roland Delorme