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Tis' the Season for a UFC Debut

Leandro Issa: ‘Tis the Season for a UFC Debut
Neil Rooke, The MMA Corner

"Whether it’s grilling a ham on the barbeque for the Australian summer Christmas or carving up a turkey with all the trimmings whilst snowflakes are gracefully falling from the night sky, there is a whole array of traditions that people all over the world adhere to around the holiday period. For the most part, the common denominator in all customs is that it’s a time for reflection, gathering with loved ones and exchanging gifts with those around you

"Whilst most of the world has been celebrating the festive season, Leandro Issa hasn’t been able to indulge. However, the sacrifices he has made over the past few weeks haven’t been for nothing. After all, the 27-year-old black belt now eagerly awaits his UFC debut on Jan. 4 at UFC Fight Night 34."

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