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The Time Is Now Event Featuring UFC Stars

Conor McGregor among UFC stars to feature in "The Time Is Now" global media event
By: Fergus Ryan, Independent

"The Ultimate Fighting Champioships (UFC) have recently announced a global media event that will stream live through entitled 'The Time Is Now'.
"The event will be hosted by UFC President Dana White and is set to launch an incredible slate of upcoming events including most if not all of the key dates in the 2015 schedule. Irish Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans will tune in to see if their incredible support for last July’s UFC Dublin event will be rewarded with a return fixture next year. UFC Dublin was one of the fastest selling events in the promotions 21 year history.
"The UFC have also said there will be a very special announcement on the night. We can only speculate as to what this might be. The UFC have been trying to sign the star of Steven Soderbergh’s action movie ‘Haywire’ and former Women’s MMA poster-girl Gina Carano for some time, maybe they finally got pen to paper. With event Pay-Per-View numbers in having hit a tough spot in 2014 maybe former welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and/or the WWE’s Brock Lesnar are on the way back from hiatus, both having consistently brought in good PPV audiences."
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