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Time for Jones and Cormier to Finish It

It's time for UFC's Jones and Cormier to finish the fight
By: Case Keefer, Las Vegas Sun

"Daniel Cormier continues to blame Jon Jones for the infamous brawl they had four months ago in the MGM Grand lobby. Jones blames Cormier for escalating the situation.
"Neither fighter has taken full responsibility for the fight that started when Jones thrust his forehead into Cormier’s and heated up more when Cormier shoved Jones away by his neck.
"'I wasn’t there to be touched,' Cormier said during a recent fight card. 'I was there for a photo opportunity, and Jon took it too far.'
“'A guy grabbed my throat, and I had to stand my ground and let him know that I wouldn’t put up with nonsense like that,' Jones said. 'So I think I’d do it again.'
"Jones and Cormier, quite possibly the two best fighters in the world, don’t agree on much of anything. Before long, they’ll take their dispute into the octagon."
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