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Talita Alencar Built For Fighting | UFC FIGHT PASS

Catch Talita Alencar at Titan FC 75 Sunday, April 10, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS

Don’t let the six BJJ world titles fool you - Talita Alencar was built and bred for fighting.

After winning five no-gi IBJJF titles and one gi IBJJF title, Titan FC’s star in the making seems pretty well-versed in the gentle art, but at 31 years old, Alencar feels slightly robbed with the lack of guidance in her career that’s led to a late entry into MMA.

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“I didn’t really have proper guidance or a proper team to do this,” Alencar said. “When I moved to Florida from California while competing and traveling the world doing seminars in jiu-jitsu, I had many people saying, ‘You’re going to be so good for MMA,’ but nobody ever said, ‘This gym is going to be perfect for you,’ or ‘I’m going to introduce you to this person so you can get started with your training.’ I never really had somebody who would take care of me, like a system of support.”

As it would turn out, despite Alencar’s BJJ success, she feels she’s actually more suited for a career in MMA as opposed to grappling.

“I was meant to do MMA because I had a really violent childhood,” Alencar explained. “My parents were very violent with each other, and I grew up in that environment. I grew up fighting with my brothers. We’d go to the beach and we’d street fight, so I grew up strictly fighting. I always wanted to punch people because it’s who I am, and my style is very aggressive.”

It’s easy to talk about how ready for war you are before a fight. Right camp, right opponent, right personality, it would be easy to feel like you’re just too much for anybody on the planet, but Alencar’s MMA debut proved that she’s a tough night for anybody and she’s not just doing it with her BJJ.

“I believe I won my last fight in the striking, but there was a part, of course, where she came with an uppercut, hook, uppercut, straight punch and she kind of rocked me in the first round,” Alencar said. “That’s when I pressed her against the cage, took her down, mounted, and I elbowed her really heavy; she turned her back and I got the rear naked choke.”

Alencar’s BJJ prowess has her ahead of the competition on the ground already, but her willingness to hit and get hit makes her a threat to any strawweight out there.

Pay close attention to Alencar locally while you can, because skill and aggression like hers doesn’t stay regional long.

“I probably have the experience that any fight company, for sure, would want,” Alencar said. “I’ll be in the UFC by next year and you guys are going to hear my name. In less than three years I’ll be the best in the world.”

Catch Talita Alencar at Titan FC 75 Sunday, April 10, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!