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Is St-Pierre Coming Back to the Octagon?

By: Shawn Smith, FIGHTLAND

"It’s been almost a year since Georges St-Pierre’s December 2013 announcement that he was stepping away from the sport of mixed martial arts, and barely a week goes by without some form of an update on his whereabouts.
"There has been constant speculation on a potential return, and St-Pierre has done just enough to stay relevant in the news. His sporadic appearances have been greeted with the same questions, and he continues to give the same vague answers.
"Few could blame St-Pierre for walking away from the sport when he did. After a hard fought and controversial bout with Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, St-Pierre had accomplished everything there was to do in the sport. If you count his interim championship reign, he had held the title on three separate occasions with nine title defenses, and is regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists to even put on gloves. He had defeated all of his rivals, avenged his losses and seemed content to walk away.
"But many continue to doubt whether or not St-Pierre’s retirement is serious, despite his insistence that certain criteria must be met before he would consider a return."
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