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The Spider Looking for Trilogy with Weidman

Anderson Silva Not Ruling out Trilogy with Chris Weidman for UFC Title
By: Jordy McElroy, Bleacher Report

"Anderson Silva is willing to do whatever it takes to once again be a UFC champion, even if that means throwing down with Chris Weidman for a third time.
"It has been nearly a year since Silva’s horrific leg injury against Weidman at UFC 168. Echoes of the former middleweight champ’s blood-curdling screams reverberating throughout the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas haunt fans to this very day.
"There was doubt Silva would ever walk again, let alone fight again.
"Yet here we are, nearly a year removed from the incident, and Silva is training and preparing for his big MMA comeback. He is slated to face former Strikeforce welterweight champ and UFC title contender Nick Diaz on January 31 in Las Vegas."
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