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"The Spider" is Kicking Hard in Camp

UFC 183: What mental block? Anderson Silva is 'kicking f---ing hard' in camp, beating up team mates
By: Jesse Holland, SB Nation

"When former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Anderson Silva was first booked to make his Octagon return, the biggest question the mixed martial arts (MMA) community had, was whether or not "The Spider" would be able to overcome the "mental block" of throwing leg kicks.
"Doesn't sound like it's going to be an issue, according to team mate Rafael Cavalcante (via MMA Fighting):
"'I just returned from an injury, and I'm getting beat up in training. He's training hard, I'm really impressed. He's dedicated, and he will bring this win for the team. I wish he had this mental block because he's kicking me a lot, and he's kicking fucking hard. He's bigger than me, so he usually kicks me a lot in training because I like to close the distance when I'm fighting. He's kicking hard, thank God.'
"Good for Silva, bad for Nick Diaz?"
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