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Solomon Renfro Eager To Punch His Ticket | UFC Fight Pass

Catch the return of Solomon Renfro at LFA 125 Friday, February 25 on UFC FIGHT PASS

Cage Fury FC President Rob Haydak had to know the days of Solomon Renfro were numbered with his promotion, and that with one more big win he was likely on to the UFC. So with a tip of the hat for everything Renfro has done, Haydak let Renfro leave for what might be his final fight outside the UFC.

Renfro came up nearly exclusively with CFFC, fighting eight of his ten professional fights with the east coast organization. Recently, Renfro has become one of the most famous fighters on UFC FIGHT PASS, including being the face of the 2022 FIGHT PASS Fighters to Watch thanks to his performances in the cage and on the CFFC microphone.

in 2021, he got the call we all knew was coming and took on Jonny Parsons at Dana White’s Contender Series, only to fall a judge’s decision short of the UFC contract. It may have broke Renfro’s heart, but knowing he would be going back “home” to a CFFC crew and crowd ready to lose their minds for him like they’ve done for his whole career softened the blow a little.

Before he could even get a fight on the books, however, an opportunity was presented to him that he had to pursue, a chance to possibly close out his career outside of the UFC in front of his home crowd of Buffalo, NY. Renfro, who feels he’s one win away from the UFC, will be able to close it all out in the city it all got started, unfortunately this time, possibly the last time, it won’t be with CFFC.

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“Solomon and the TSK team have always been constant professionals over the years,” Haydak said. “When Solomon called me, he explained his opportunity to fight in front of his family and friends. Once we knew it was LFA, we knew he was in good hands. We’ve always taken the position since day one that we would never hold an athlete back from advancing their livelihoods, even if it meant fighting elsewhere. Ed and Sven have done an awesome job over the years of developing athletes and getting them to the next level. Solomon will be no different. I fully expect him to dominate and punch his ticket to the UFC.”

In an ironic showing of humanity, Renfro explains that it’s the selflessness of Haydak to encourage him to take any appealing offer in and outside of CFFC that has kept Renfro coming back over and over and over again.

“Rob’s amazing,” Renfro said. “He didn’t just give me to LFA, he gave me pretty much any opportunity that I could take. If there was a better opportunity than I had in CFFC, he said he wouldn’t stop me from doing that. I really appreciate him for that and that just shows the love that they have for their fighters. They’re a main league promotion and I can’t wait to put this dude away and put on a show for LFA and show the real deal. I’m so excited for that, but it means the world what Rob did and what he continues to do for me and other fighters, as well. He’s the man, seriously. Heart of gold, that guy.”

It’s not exactly a “Brady to Tampa Bay” change of scenery, but it will be an adjustment to see Renfro anywhere outside of the UFC or CFFC. Still, there’s no doubt he’s ready to put on a show for UFC FIGHT PASS, LFA and his hometown.

“There’s no pressure,” Renfro said. “I love what I do, so it’s fun to me. I go out there, take a deep breath and let loose. In Buffalo, there’s a lot of people that saw me grow up and saw me start off in this game so they’re going to be so proud to watch me come back and get the W at home. Not having to bring the W home, but get the W at home.”

It’ll be tough to see him go, but Haydak knows that Renfro is absolutely ready for the UFC, and if there’s ever a way to punch your ticket, it’s in front of “The Black Dragon’s” hometown.

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