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Should Anderson Still Fight?

Silva can still fight, but should he?
By: Brett Okamoto, ESPN

"LAS VEGAS -- It seems entirely unlikely to me that Saturday at UFC 183, 'that time Nick Diaz lay down as if sunbathing on a beach despite actually being in the middle of a fight,' was the last time we'll see Anderson Silva compete.
"There are too many reasons for him to keep going. Too much money to be made and too many fibers in Silva's being, likely telling him that recapturing the middleweight title is within his grasp.
"But when Silva awkwardly ended his postfight news conference at the MGM Grand by (poorly) impersonating Dana White and giggling 'bye' as he left the podium, I kind of hoped it was the last time we'd see him.
"It's impossible to predict how any professional fighter's last night will go -- but a good bet is that will involve a loss. The vast majority of combat athletes need someone to push them out the door. Many don't get it soon enough.
"The middleweight fight on Saturday between Silva (34-6) and Diaz was a weird, awkward, hard-to-describe event. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would claim the best version of either fighter was present for it.
"But it clearly meant the world to Silva, who gleefully scaled the Octagon wall when the fight was over and fell to his back in tears when his inevitable decision victory was officially read. The night, though awkward, had a positive vibe."
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