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Selina Flores Talks Upcoming Lion Fight 70 Bout

She Takes On Natalie Morgan Friday October 8 on UFC FIGHT PASS

Two fighters who know each other very well will finally square off in the professional ranks - will it be Selina Flores or Natalie Morgan who gets the official win on their record?

Young gun Selina Flores is fighting for only her third time professionally.

Although she’s young in the sport, she has met with early career success due to her parents’ insistence on the sport and a heavy amount of worthy training and sparring partners.

One of them being veteran Thai fighter Natalie Morgan.

With a couple sparring sessions between the two, Flores recalls a relatively unsuccessful first outing against “Killface” Morgan.

“The first time we sparred was in 2017,” Flores recalls. “I was getting ready for my first tournament, so I would say that I was somewhat green.”

Admittedly too new to the game to handle high pressure, experienced fighters, Flores was bested that night. It wouldn’t be long at all, however, until she was able to get her revenge.

“The second time we sparred wasn’t too long after that,” Flores said. “I made sure to fix the mistakes that I made in our first sparring session and I did a lot better.”

According to Flores, the unofficial score is 1-1, but going from a loss to large improvement in under a year has given her the confidence to bring home the first “W” to really matter.

Catch Selina Flores and Natalie Morgan meeting for the first time professionally at Lion Fight 70, LIVE Friday, October 8, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!