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SD Dumas Is Living The Dream

SD Dumas Celebrated His Head-Kick KO at Jorge Masvidal's iKON FC By Speaking With Gamebred Himself.

It might not be Knockout of the Year, it might not be “Celly of the Year,” but  SD Dumas’s first-round head kick KO was one heck of a way to introduce the world to Jorge Masvidal’s iKON FC.

Most people watching fights get an indescribable thrill when they watch their favorite fighter land a show stopping knockout, but they’ll never truly know the feeling of landing a shot that ends the bout instantly.

If you think it’s hard to describe the feeling of watching it, imagine trying to describe the feeling landing the most perfectly timed and perfectly placed head kick the way Dumas did at iKON FC 1.

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“That knockout honestly felt like a dream,” Dumas explained. “Everybody always wants to make it seem like it’s a surprise and it’s a shocker and that’s what it felt like. It felt like I won the Super Bowl. For people who don’t know anything about getting into a fight or getting a knockout, I’d say it’s like you wake up on Christmas morning and Santa Claus bring you everything you want and you just keep playing with it and playing with it and you’re not taking your mind off it.”

The knockout blow was “super necessary” in Dumas’s mind after an offscreen conversation with Masvidal gave Dumas, who was already known for a flashy fight style, even more motivation to blow the roof off the arena.

“Me and Masvidal talked off camera and I told him to his face, ‘if you put me in this show, I’m going to make sure I get every finish,’” Dumas said. “I made a commitment and a trust bond to me, my passing homies and my cousin Gil that I’m going to make it to the top and I’m going to try to finish every opponent and if anybody gives me that opportunity like Masvidal did I’m going to get the finish.”

It may have been the sweetest feeling of his career thus far, but the validation when he checked Twitter might have come in a close second.

Dumas is currently 5-0 with a 100% finish rate, and at 26 years old he’s the exact type of fighter that will be peaking on many people’s radar. He is aiming for a March 18 return, but is praying for a short notice call.

The knockout felt good and still feels good to relive, but any time he’s in the cage it’s business as usual. The knockout has never put a damper on his work ethic; he’s as hungry as ever and has quite the motivation to remain in the “must watch” category.

“I don’t want anyone that is a top prospect in this region or internationally or whatever to be higher than me, stronger than me or more efficient than me in my striking or grappling,” Dumas said.

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