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The Ultimate Fighter

Ryder Newman | Meet The Ultimate Fighter Season 29 Cast

Ahead Of The Ultimate Fighter Season 29 Premiere, Get To Know Some Of The Prospects Who Will Be Fighting On Team Volkanovski Or Team Ortega For A UFC Contract

The Ultimate Fighter is back, featuring eight middleweights and eight bantamweights from around the world. sat down with each of the 16 contestants to learn a little bit about them and why they believe they’re going to walk away the winner of season 29.

Meet middleweight Ryder Newman.

Record: 3-1
Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada
Fighting out of: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 26
Stat: One victory by KO

Get To Know Ryder Newman | The Return Of The Ultimate Fighter
Get To Know Ryder Newman | The Return Of The Ultimate Fighter

UFC: Welcome to the 29th season of The Ultimate Fighter! To be a fighter who grew up in Las Vegas and to get to participate on the show, what does this opportunity mean to you?

Newman: Man, it’s a dream come true. This is the city I was born and raised in. To get to practice [Xtreme Couture] I have to drive past [The UFC headquarters], so it’s just a dream come true. I believe it’s destiny.

UFC: The Ultimate Fighter is making its return on ESPN+ this season, how cool is it to be part of this return season on the biggest platform possible?

Newman: Absolutely insane. I mean this is the biggest streaming platform in the world. It’s crazy. If you want to be on The Ultimate Fighter, this is the biggest, best time to be on The Ultimate Fighter. You want to make a name for yourself, here is your opportunity.

UFC: How would you describe your fighting style?

Newman: I’m violent, I’m aggressive. I’m going to try to slam you on your head and when I slam you on your head, I’m going to try to pound your face in. I bring the action, and from the second that bell rings I’m coming for you.

Make sure you tune in to season 29 of The Ultimate Fighter, which airs live on ESPN+ on June 1st at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.