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Rousey's sister: the year Ronda became a superstar

By Maria Burns Ortiz

It feels like you're inside a washing machine's spin cycle. You are pushed from side to side, front to back. You can't see anything clearly, and every time you think you're about to orient yourself, you get jostled again. Eventually, you give in and just allow yourself to be shoved through the masses.

What is it like? "It" being on the inside of all that is Ronda. Or perhaps it's actually being on the outside, within the inner circle, but having the perspective of those not quite inside the bubble. There are so many questions. What is she like? What has this journey been like? How have things changed? More than anything, people what to know what's happened since "then": that night in Australia, the moment the world learned she wasn't invincible. But this story is not about what she thinks or her reflections on that night, or this year, or whatever. That's for her to tell in her words. That's for her to share when she's ready.

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