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Roman Bravo-Young Draws Inspiration From UFC Idols

Roman Bravo-Young Has Turned His Inspiration Drawn From UFC Legends Like Dominick Cruz Into Aspiration As His College Wrestling Career Nears Its End

Is it possible that below the MMA Earth’s crust one of the most dangerous fighters of all-time is waiting to erupt?

A collegiate 133-pounder, Roman Bravo-Young stands out as one of the most recognizable and skilled wrestlers in all of NCAA wrestling. A Penn State wrestler with the following of a Nittany Lion football player, Bravo-Young is an All-American, Big Ten champion and National champion going into his senior year.

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Not one to flaunt or flex too hard, Bravo-Young adamantly warns the wrestling community that with new NIL rules in place there’s going to come a new wave of personality to the sport that old heads may need some time to adjust to.

“I think, for me, a lot of wrestling fans are stuck in the old ways,” Bravo-Young said. “It’s 2021 now. Social media is money and people will pay for entertainment. I’m sorry, but you’ve got to break out of your shell. Everyone thinks wrestling should be a certain way and people are afraid to put themselves out there.”

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With the wind at his back in his final hurrah as an NCAA wrestler, Bravo-Young has made an impression on people far outside the college wrestling world. The 22-year-old’s wrestling pedigree is so respected that some of the most dominant fighters in UFC history are asking for his help.

“I’m Dom’s main guy and a lot of people see that and now other people have asked me to reach out and teach them wrestling and stuff like that,” Bravo-Young explained. “Maybe one day I’ll be a big time UFC wrestling coach. That’s definitely an aspiration of mine.”

Starting in the right spot, Bravo-Young goes on to explain that his relationship with former WEC and UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is very much a two-way street.

The most dominant wrestler in the most dominant division getting pointers from the most dominant champion in the division’s history. Is it possible that the footwork and unorthodox style of “The Dominator” will one day rub off on Bravo-Young?

“One hundred percent” Bravo-Young said. “I have Dominick Cruz footwork in my wrestling. I’ve learned how to apply it to my wrestling, which is unique, and it’ll make me stand out this year. No one else does that and I’m excited to showcase that. No one else can figure it out but I’ve sat down with him and we figured it out and I’ve got the patterns down.”

We’ve yet to see any ground-and-pound out of Bravo-Young, but with one of the strongest wrestling bases money can buy and the most unique footwork in the history of upright walking, could a Khabib/Cruz hybrid be in the works before our very eyes since Cruz and company also have Bravo-Young perfecting BJJ, wall wrestling and other necessary skills for the Octagon?

If things don’t work in the UFC, you’d have to imagine a 22-year-old who can command the respect of a room full of proven mixed martial artists, promote himself and wrestle has one heck of a future in the sport in one way or another.

“Roman will go on and be a champion in any passion he moves on to choose,” Dominick Cruz says. “Work ethic, heart, drive and the mindset to be a leader and want to support, plus loved ones around him, are all key ingredients as to why I love to train with him and also watch from the outside as he moves into possibilities. As for MMA, of course he is a natural. He learns very quickly and is in phenomenal condition. In straight wrestling he is completely dedicated, so he’ll be number one.”

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