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Rogan Returns To Comedy Central in Latest Special

Make sure to check out Joe Rogan's brand new stand-up comedy special "Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High" tonight on Comedy Central.

Joe Rogan has always kept it simple when it comes to his stand-up comedy: “Talk about sh*t that is funny.”
He’s at it again in his latest uncensored special, “Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High,” which is set to premier tonight on Comedy Central at midnight ET/PT.
This will be Rogan’s third Comedy Central special, and the always-on-the-go UFC color commentator said he thinks it may be his best one yet.
“It’s hard for me to tell because I’m so close to it, but I had a lot of time to work on this one. I really concentrated and focused on it,” Rogan told “One of the things I did was I played a lot more clubs. I think that doing a special in a club gives you a more intimate setting as opposed to a big theatre.
“When people are sitting at home and watching in their living room, I think that a comedy club lends itself more to that environment. So I tried it out in one of my favorite clubs, which is the Comedy Works in Denver. It only seats 250 people, so I think that alone will be different about this special.”
> Watch: Clips From "Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High"
Whether he’s pondering the search for Bigfoot, what aliens would think of Kim Kardashian or the Duck Dynasty stars’ take on any subject, Rogan is sure to elicit a few laughs whenever he is on stage. 
He has been doing stand-up for over 20 years and when it comes to his material, Rogan said the inspiration could come from anywhere. 
Rogan (right) with Mike Goldberg
“Sometimes ideas come from having conversations with friends, sometimes ideas come from sitting in front of the computer and writing, some things come from watching documentaries or reading books. It all completely depends, and it’s different all the time,” Rogan said. “Sometimes an idea will just come to me when I’m just driving in my car.”
Rogan doesn’t get a lot of free time. Between his touring comedy show, his popular weekly podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and sitting cage side with Mike Goldberg for all the big UFC shows, he said he is able to do so much because he loves everything he does. It never feels like a job.
The UFC launched its “The Time Is Now” campaign this past week, and Rogan said he can barely contain his excitement for the insane schedule of fights on deck the next three months.
UFC 12 was Rogan’s first appearance with the company, and he has seen all of the best fighters that have entered the Octagon over the years. He said “The Time Is Now” not only illustrates the acceleration of the sport, but the high skill level it has reached over the past 20 years.
“What’s really fascinating to me is comparing the athletes (from the early days of MMA) to today. It’s pretty incredible the overall transition of mixed martial arts – how guys have gotten so much better and women have gotten into the scene” he said. “It’s an incredible time for martial arts.
“You go back and watch UFC 1 and then you watch UFC 180, and you’ll see a complete metamorphosis and evolution of technique. The athletes of today are just the best martial artists that have ever existed. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to be a part of this.”
When it comes to Rogan’s most-anticipated matchup in the next few months, he said it was hard to pick just one. But Vitor Belfort vs. Chris Weidman may be the most interesting pairing.
“Vitor was there when I did my very first UFC in 1997. It’s incredible that that guy is still in the mix and not just in the mix but he’s the number one contender for the UFC belt. That’s just bananas,” Rogan said. 
“I’m also super excited for the Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier fight because of the bad blood, all the trash talk, the fight they had at the press conference. And on top of that, it’s just the skill levels of both guys. Cormier is a special athlete and Jones is just a freak. He might be the most talented guy to ever compete in the UFC.”
The extended and uncensored version of Rogan’s new stand-up special will also be available on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Xbox Video, Sony Entertainment Network, Vudu and Google Play on Nov. 25.