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Get To Know Ricky Turcios - The Return Of The Ultimate Fighter
The Ultimate Fighter

Ricky Turcios | Meet The Ultimate Fighter Season 29 Cast

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The Ultimate Fighter is back, featuring eight middleweights and eight bantamweights from around the world. sat down with each of the 16 contestants to learn a little bit about them and why they believe they’re going to walk away the winner of season 29.

Meet bantamweight Ricky Turcios. 

Record: 10-2
Birthplace: Houston, TX
Fighting out of: Houston, TX
Nickname: “Pretty”
Age: 27
Stat: Three wins by KO, two wins by submission

Get To Know Ricky Turcios | The Return of The Ultimate Fighter
Get To Know Ricky Turcios | The Return of The Ultimate Fighter

UFC: Welcome to the 29th season of The Ultimate Fighter! How does it feel to be here?

Turcios: It feels really cool. It feels badass. It feels awesome to be here fighting, on this show and on this stage. I feel blessed and thankful for this moment. It feels pretty freaking awesome.

UFC: What is going to be the biggest challenge on the show?

Turcios: One hundred percent it’s going to be the fights. It’s time to fight. I step in there, it’s fight time. When we’re in there, we’re fighting with our hands and our feet. It’s more than that; it’s that internal spirit, as well. The challenge is fighting one-on-one with these dudes, but it’s also the fight within yourself.

UFC: What is your fighting style? 

Turcios: I am confident in my style. My style is freestyle, so I’m well-rounded. I’ll be able to punch, kick on the feet in the standup and I can grapple, as well. That’s why I believe I can win this show because all the different fighters I will face must be able to adapt.

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UFC: Why do you think you will be the winner of The Ultimate Fighter?

Turcios: It’s going to be me because I believe in myself, and I have courage. When I step into the Octagon, I believe in myself that’ll do whatever it takes and have the skills to get my hand raised.

Make sure you tune in to season 29 of The Ultimate Fighter, which airs live on ESPN+ on June 1st at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.