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Respect a theme during UFC 226 Media Call


The phrase “game respects game” couldn’t hold any truer than it did during today’s UFC 226 media call. As Daniel Cormier, Stipe Miocic, Max Holloway and Brian Ortega spoke highly of their opponents and voiced their excitement for next weekend’s event.

“DC has fought the best in the world and beaten the best in the world,” Miocic said. “That’s why it’s a super fight. I just can’t wait.”

Cormier praised Miocic calling him “the most successful heavyweight champion of all-time”. And when asked how Miocic stacks-up against other opponents he’s faced in the Octagon his answer shows just how highly he thinks of the defending champ.

“I think he’ll be the best. He is who is he for a reason,” Cormier said. “He’s the baddest man on the planet. Stipe has proven he can sustain his success.”

#UFC226 Media Conference Call:

"I want to be mentioned among the greats" - @dc_mma

— UFC News (@UFCNews) June 28, 2018

The featherweight title will also be up for grabs in the co-main event on July 7th and Holloway believes that his match-up with Ortega is the biggest bout in the history of the division.

“I think this is the biggest featherweight fight for sure,” Holloway said. “Two young lions, two young faces practically brand new to this sport.”

Ortega simply capped off Holloway’s statement by chipping in “agreed.”

The reigning featherweight king expressed that he is fighting for legacy and that means fighting blue-chip contenders like Ortega.

“I believe he’s one of the best, one of the best guys in the world and I believe his team is also one of the best in the world,” Holloway said. “He wouldn’t be in front of me if he wasn’t.”

Ortega’s rise to the top of the UFC world has been fast and furious, but he believes that his mindset and style are the reasons for his success.

#UFC226 Media Conference Call:

"Just a year ago I was getting ready to fight in my backyard in California. A year later I'm getting ready to fight for a world title" - @BrianTcity

— UFC News (@UFCNews) June 28, 2018

“When I go in there I don’t go in there to score points I go in there with one objective and that’s to finish my opponent,” Ortega said. “My mindset going into the UFC was there should be no decisions.”

You can guarantee that these four men will step into the cage July 7th with respect from the man across from them, but only two will add to their legacy.

Tune in to UFC 226, next Saturday live on Pay Per View.