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Quotable Chael

Chael Sonnen has something to say. Actually, the UFC 117 main eventer has a lot to say.

Over the past year, Sonnen's machine-gun style delivery of
one-liners has made him the belle of the MMA media ball -- after his
unanimous decision win over Nate Marquardt at UFC 109, more questions
were asked of Sonnen than the event headliner, Hall of Famer, and
former 5x champion Randy Couture. Sonnen's biting wit has made his shot
at Anderson Silva's belt on August 7th arguably the most compelling
storyline in the UFC.

Here, a highlight reel of Sonnen's sarcastic, scathing and sometimes silly soundbites.

UFC 115 Weigh-In Backstage 658x371 Live TodayOn Lil' Nog

"I read your appraisal of the upcoming fight betwixt your pal Anderson
and yours truly and, I’ll be damned, you are one sharp dude…. about as
sharp as a bag of wet mice." -July 2010, open letter

On his skills

"I've been called the fastest white man alive." -November 2009, YouTube


"He is real great, but he better stay with those midgets down at 170
because he doesn't want any of this (pointing at himself)." -June 2010,
UFC Fight Club Q&A

On Anderson Silva's black belt

"He's got a black belt under the Nogueira brothers. I think a black
belt under the Nogueira brothers is like saying, 'I got a free toy in
my Happy Meal.'" -June 2010, UFC Fight Club Q&A

On Ed Soares

"He's the world's most famous interpreter. Somehow he even got himself into the videogame." -June 2010, UFC Fight Club Q&A

On the then-planned Silva vs. Belfort fight

"I hope Anderson wins because I think Vitor is a lot tougher fighter,
so if I have to choose between the two I'm going to take the low road
and take the easier opponent to the championship." -February 2010, post-UFC 109 press conference

On tough opponents

"At the end of the day, if you want to get to the top of the card in
the UFC you've got to fight tough guys. If you want to be a fighter,
get in the cage and be a big deal at your local strip club - go to
Showtime. There is places you can go." -February 2010, post-UFC 109 press conference

On what teammate Dan Henderson might think of that comment

"I don’t think Dan watched the press conference, and I know he doesn’t
read, so I’m going to assume he has no idea.” -February 2010, interview

BTSufc109_bts_033On The Spider's fashion sense

"He's a grown man with earrings, saggy pants, pink t-shirts and crooked
pants." -April 2010 backstage live chat with Ariel Helwani

On wrestling vs. muay thai

"I come from a real sport; wrestling is a real sport. That's through
the high schools and that's through the colleges. Wrestling is in the
Olympic games. You take me to Olympic Village and show me the 'Moo-ee'
Thai venue and we'll have another talk. I know what 'Thai' is; it is
short for 'Thailand.' Who knows what 'Moo-ee' even means?" -June 2010, UFC Fight Club Q&A

On Anderson's past conquests

"I've beat every champion there's ever been except one and I've stuck
my finger in his chest for four years and he wouldn't fight me. He
fought a one-legged Canadian, he fought a math teacher from Ohio, and
he fought a bunch of guys that weren't even good enough to hold their
spot in the company." - July 2010, UFC 117 pre-fight interview

On his training camp

"I don't do training camps. I don't sleep in tents and I don't roast marshmallows. Camps are for kids." -July 2010, on MMA Live

On what he'll do if Anderson dances around the Octagon again at UFC 117

"I will call you into the ring to bore him to death with rambling inane questions. -June 2010, to a reporter whose questions he didn't like

On the game plan against  Silva

"He’s gonna be better, and I’m fine with that. He’s going to hurt me
when he punches me, and I’m fine with that. But I’m gonna walk straight
up to him, put him on his ass and beat a hole in his face. And as long
as this sport has been around, that strategy has never been beaten."


Chael Sonnen UFC 115 QOn the F in UFC

"Some guys think this is the 'Ultimate Mitt-Hitting Championships.'
They think it is the 'Ultimate High-Altitude-Training Championships.'
The 'Ultimate
Championships.' This is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And while
these guys are out there swinging a sledgehammer or flipping a tire
around, I'm throwing fists at a partner's head, neck and chest. I'm
fighting in practice everyday." -February 2010, post-fight interview on MMA Fighting

On UFC 117

"Anderson Silva will be in tears before it is all over." -February 2010, post-fight interview on MMA Fighting

On post-fight forgiveness

"I firmly believe if you're going to step in and fight a guy, say
whatever you want. If you're not going to fight a guy: don't. And, I'm
not going to fight [Yushin Okami] again, so I'll be a bit more humble
to him." -October 2009, UFC 104 post-fight interview with MMA Fighting

On what he learned from his loss to Demian Maia

"Do you think I should get a puppy?" -June 2010, to a reporter whose questions he didn't like