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UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner looks on after being announced as a newly elected member of the UFC Hall of Fame during the UFC 255 event at UFC APEX on November 21, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)
Hall Of Fame

Q&A With UFC Hall Of Famer Marc Ratner

A Few Things You Probably Won't Hear At Tonight's Hall Of Fame Speeches on UFC FIGHT PASS

If you don’t know the impact of Marc Ratner by now, let’s just sum it up for you this way: he’s the reason the UFC will come to a city near you, no matter where you live.

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There’s much, much more to say about the impact he’s had on the sport, but there’s also much more to the man.

Take a look at the side of Marc Ratner you won’t hear in an interview or Hall of Fame speech.

Favorite MLB player: Sandy Koufax

Favorite NFL player: Jon Arnett

Favorite NBA player: Wilt Chamberlain

Muhammad Ali fights attended: “Seven or eight”

UFC Fightlore: Marc Ratner Coming Soon To UFC Fight Pass
UFC Fightlore: Marc Ratner Coming Soon To UFC Fight Pass

Mike Tyson fights attended: “Six or seven”

Michael Jordan games attended: “Not that many, maybe five or six”

Wilt Chamberlain games attended: “Not that many, four or five”

Stanley Cup Finals games attended: “A few”

Beatles concerts attended: One

Elvis concerts attended: “I saw The King probably 18-20 times”

Marc Ratner Inducted Into UFC Hall of Fame
Marc Ratner Inducted Into UFC Hall of Fame

Favorite song: A Day in the Life by The Beatles

Favorite concert venue: Red Rock Amphitheatre

Favorite band to see live: AC/DC

Favorite movie: The Godfather

Favorite sports movie: “Rocky takes the cake for that one but there was also a Gale Sayers movie, Brian’s Song. That movie was extremely emotional for me and I think for everybody.”

There’s plenty more to know about the man behind the expansion of MMA across the globe. Learn more TONIGHT at the UFC Hall of Fame induction of Marc Ratner on UFC FIGHT PASS!