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Pettis Talking About Mayweather and More

Interview: Anthony Pettis on Mayweather vs. 50 Cent, Internet Trolls, and TUF 20

By: Sean Evans, Complex

"On December 6, UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis will defend his title belt against Gilbert Melendez. But, before UFC 181 in Vegas, Pettis will compete against Melendez in season 20 of The Ultimate Fighter, which premieres on FOX Sports 1 this Wednesday.

"If you're unfamiliar with TUF, it's like Survivor, only—instead of voting people off a deserted island—competitors beat the living crap out of one another until a champion is crowned. Pettis, who will be a coach, leads half of an all-female cast against Melendez's team.

"Prior to Wednesday's premiere, Complex News caught up with Pettis to talk about everything from the difference between male and female MMA fighters to Floyd Mayweather J.R.'s ongoing feud with 50 Cent. For more, check out our interview with the cast of TUF 20 embedded below."

Check out the interview with Pettis