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Paddy Pimblett celebrates a victory (photo curtesy of Cage Warriors)
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Paddy Pimblett Always Brings It

Fan Favorite Paddy Pimblett Is Back And Ready To Put On Another Thrilling Performance At Cage Warriors 122.

Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett is gearing up for one final masterpiece in Cage Warriors.

For the last eight years, two things have been nearly guaranteed to Cage Warriors fans: Pimblett fighting multiple times per year and Pimblett winning multiple times per year. Just shy of a decade, he’s ready to level up and he’s not afraid to say it.

“When the UFC comes back again and offers me a contract, I will be going,” Pimblett said. “I think that with a nice finish in this next fight the UFC will come in and offer me a contract. That’s what I’m planning on, to be honest.”

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The proud Liverpool native has been “one win away” from the UFC twice before, so he knows what’s on the horizon and for the first time has his mind made up. While many promotions have offered him a contract, Pimblett is vocally only interested in the UFC and was willing to do anything he could to make himself a force to be reckoned with before he even made the first walk.

“Now when I look back in hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t,” Pimblett said. “My skillset wasn’t anywhere near the level that it is now. I just know that I’m so much more of a well-rounded fighter now.”

Paddy Pimblett punches Julian Erosa in Cage Warriors Unplugged (photo curtesy of Cage Warriors)
Paddy Pimblett punches Julian Erosa in Cage Warriors Unplugged (photo curtesy of Cage Warriors)

Honesty with himself got him to where he is today and honesty with opponents, the UFC and well, everybody else, is what Pimblett feels will make him a star if he is able to finish Davide Martinez at Cage Warriors 122 on March 20. Anything less than himself he wouldn’t be able to live with.

“I always say about people, some fighters are fake and they have personas and they put on a show for the cameras,” Pimblett said. “If you interview me, I’ll be exactly the same as when we come off the interview. I don’t have a persona for my MMA world. I’m just me.”

It’s exactly this charmingly blunt and honest personality that has led to Pimblett’s notoriety in the sport. He hasn’t become the biggest thing in Cage Warriors since Conor McGregor by mistake.

Amp up his coverage and amp up the fame of his opponents and watch out.

“Well, I always say I’m like Muhammad Ali,” Pimblett explained. “Either you love me or you hate me. Whether you love me and want to see me win or hate me and want to see me get knocked out, you still want to tune in to see me fight because it’s a spectacle.”

Pimblett isn’t looking past his Cage Warriors 122 opponent by any means. He assures that he’s not expecting an easy fight, but with a BJJ pedigree better than most MMA prospects outside of the UFC and a striking game that is improving by leaps and bounds, Pimblett is just calling it like he sees it.

If all goes according to plan and he comes out of his fight with no injuries, Pimblett is hoping to be in the UFC Octagon next. And if he was UFC-ready five years ago, what are we in for in what might be his final Cage Warriors bout? Only time will tell.

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