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Overheard: At Fight Night Boston Ultimate Media Day



We collected the best quotes from all the media scrums at Fight Night Boston Ultimate Media Day as we continue on the road to fight night Sunday at TD Garden in Boston.

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“I expect to go in there and just adjust – make the adjustments needed. I never expect anything in a fight, that’s the thing about me. You got Conor McGregor who goes out there and says, ‘I’m going to do this – I’m going to knock him out this.’ OK, cool, that’s you. That’s how he does things. I go out there and let my body be fluid; I turn my brain off, I adjust, and I let my instincts kick in. That’s when you see the best me, when my instincts take over.”Dominick Cruz talks about how he approaches a fight.

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Joseph Benavidez thinks I’ve looked the best I’ve ever looked. He was just out there with me in camp, and he was pumping me up and telling me how great I looked. Him, Danny Castillo, Lance Palmer all have been coming out on their own will not because I flew them out for my camp. They came out more so because they want to continue to get better. Something that they’ve seen with my camp that they realize they need in theirs. It’s been awesome to have my friends come out.” – TJ Dillashaw talks about former Team Alpha Male teammates who have gone out to Colorado to train with the champion and his new squad: Elevation Fight Team.

“Initially coming back I thought I had to change everything and rest my whole training camp. But an injury happened and I think it was kind of a blessing. I sat down and thought about everything and it was my fault. It was my mental preparation and where I was at in that fight is what caused that result. I didn’t get the ‘W’ – I didn’t win one round in that fight because I wasn’t mentally and hungry as Rafael dos Anjos was. I started lining up everybody after RDA and I didn’t really focus on RDA. So this camp I got rid of everybody and started traveling to work with a wrestling coach. I’ve just really focused on my skills and getting better for this fight. When I show up 100 percent I don’t think anybody can beat me.” – Anthony Pettis on losing his UFC lightweight title back at UFC 185.


“I feel like I’m just sort of loosening up and getting comfortable. I do my best in fighting when I can relax and chill. My first two fights it just hasn’t been enjoyable. Everything has been new and a lot of expectations. I just think there’s a little bit of a load off, it’s a little bit lighter now so I can enjoy myself. I think I have the right opponent in front of me to do something nice for the crowd.” – Eddie Alvarez talks about his first year in the UFC.

“This is exactly what I was hoping for. It’s the last fight on my contract and it’s going to make me or break me. Something Lorenzo (Fertitta) and I were talking about when we were trying to work on my contract is that I’ve lost four times. And I’ve never once been outperformed, ever. I’ve lost because I’ve made mistakes: I got caught by a punch by Roy (Nelson). But everything that I lost I was doing well up until that point accept for the Brendan Schaub fight where I didn’t show up. So give me somebody who you guys feel is going to whoop my a** and send me home packing, or give me somebody who you think is going to whoop my a**, and I smoke them, then we go in and talk about real money. One of the two.” – Matt Mitrione on where he stands in the division and the UFC.

“Neither of us are going to go out there and try to hug each other to death. We’re going out there to throw bows and see who comes out on top and knock the other guy out. That’s the mindset.” – Travis Browne on his fight against Mitrione.

“Finishing is always important, but always at least going for the finish is important. You don’t always get it because these guys are tough. They’re monster fighters in the lightweight division, but what’s more important is showing and proving to the judges and/or the UFC itself that you’re looking to take your opponent out – which I will be doing on Sunday.” – Paul Felder on stepping up his aggressiveness inside the Octagon.