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Out-Of-Competition Testing Backed by ABC Chief

ABC chief backs UFC out-of-competition testing program
By: MMA Junkie

"The head of an influential regulatory body is endorsing the UFC’s plan to bulk up its anti-doping efforts.
"In a written statement, Associating of Boxing Commissions President Tim Lueckenhoff told MMAjunkie that while details of the UFC’s recently announced drug testing program need to be finalized, he believes the promotion could work through the ABC when it catches PED offenders.
“'I applaud the UFC for recognizing they need to step up and take action,' he wrote. 'Now, we as commissions need to figure out how we handle a fighter who is positive outside-of-competition.'
"After the UFC announced added funding for drug testing conducted by state athletic commissions and out-of-competition testing to be funded by the promotion and overseen by a yet-unnamed third-party agency, several commissioners questioned how the industry-leader would manage the results and whether commissions would follow its recommendations to increase the punishment for drug failures.
"While the ABC has no statutory authority over its member commissions, to which the UFC is subject when it promotes events in places where MMA is regulated by individual states, Nick Lembo, who chairs the ABC’s legal and rules committee and serves as legal counsel to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, believes there is a way to lend authority to results found by a third-party agency."
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