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Oscar Herrera Never Saw A Fight He Didn’t Like | UFC FIGHT PASS

The Budding Career Of Fury FC’s Oscar Herrera Is Going To Look Like That Of A 20-year UFC Veteran Before He’s 30 Years Old. He’s Addicted To The Sport And Vows To Never Turn Down A Fight; He’s The Type Of Fighter Every Promoter Dreams Of.

Between the tail end of Oscar Herrera’s amateur career and his upcoming Fury FC bout, canceled bouts and wins and losses, he’s spent nine nights in the cage in less than two years. As an active fighter who never turns down fights, making him a promoter’s dream flyweight.

At 4-1 as a professional, the average viewer would see him as the typical flyweight with talent. Digging a little deeper, you’d discover a 25-year-old who cares more about the adrenaline rush and cage time than he does protecting his record.

With a first round submission, second round submission and two decision victories, opponents never know exactly what to expect when they draw Herrera’s name, but with only one loss in a career moving at light speed, they know by now to bring their A-game.

“I’m a super high-paced guy,” Herrera said. “I come to fight.”

Herrera’s obsession with cage time comes at a concerning pace. It’s almost impossible to keep the frequency Herrera is on, but with youth on his side and addictive withdrawals between fights, Herrera and Fury FC don’t see him slowing down any time soon.

“It sucks not having that nervous feeling [before a fight],” Herrera said. “Ever since I first started fighting, it’s a feeling you chase, and you get the adrenaline for it. All the feelings you get for it are unattainable from anything else so, as a fighter, it’s something we kind of chase.”

Herrera says that barring injuries he sees a consistent career of fighting five to six times a year regardless of what promotion he is. In fact, Herrera doesn’t see himself dialing it back, regardless of what ranking he has is in whatever promotion he’s in.

The only way Herrera slows down is when opponents stop accepting fights with him because there’s not a name on any roster that Herrera doesn’t like the thought of fighting.

“I don’t turn down fights. Not once,” Herrera said. “Whatever fights I get and whatever we’re in there for, it’s what we go with.”

Again, barring an injury warranting a medical suspension, Herrera’s perfect world is a Fury FC fight on Sunday, October 30, followed by a main event slot the following week at Fury FC 71. He’d fight at flyweight, he’d fight at bantamweight, might even fight at 205 if he was between fights long enough.

He has no interest in fighting any of his Factory X teammates but outside of that, anybody can get it.

“I would always say yeah,” Herrera laughed. “I don’t feel no pressure. That’s what we sign up for, that’s what we’re here for.”

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