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Nothing Is Going To Stop Solomon Renfro

Not Even Potholes Can Stop Solomon Renfro From Fighting At LFA 125

The states of New York and New Jersey have cost him over $2,500 in car repairs thanks to potholes, but Solomon Renfro’s love for Tiger Schulmann’s is too valuable for him to ever move away.

With all due respect to Renfro’s skills inside the cage, he was shoved further into the public eye when he vented post-fight about almost missing the fight due to pothole-related car trouble. It was relatable, it was passionate, it was hilarious.

While the states may not have an easy solution to the pothole problems, Renfro does. It would be nothing to pack up and leave, but thanks to his home gym, that just isn’t going to happen.

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“I love Tiger Schulmann,” Renfro said. “They’ve done so much for me; they continue to do so much for me, and when I first met Schulmann, I told them all that I was going to be the Michael Jordan of the school. Michael Jordan played for the Bulls and made the Bulls the Bulls. I’m going to put that place all over the country and the world. They believe in me, and I believe in them, so there’s no need for me to go anywhere else.”

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As only Renfro could, the welterweight charmingly labeled himself the Michael Jordan of a gym that consists of some of the most exciting fighters in the sport and he wasn’t afraid to double down on it.

“I’m Michael Jordan,” Renfro said. “Shane [Burgos] can be somebody else. He can be Scottie Pippen.”

“Hurricane” Shane Burgos is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and underrated fighters in the entire sport, and while he is a close friend and training partner to Renfro, he saw Renfro’s statement and happily raised him a statement.

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“He can be Jordan; then I guess I’ll be LeBron,” Burgos laughed. “I thought Jordan was better than LeBron but I guess I’m going to have to be on Team LeBron.”

Burgos would go on to explain that he wasn’t surprised at all that Renfro stood by such a statement. In fact, he’s so well-known for his gift of gab that it’s impressive that everybody in the gym has an on and an off switch.

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“He’s f*****g hilarious and he doesn’t have to try,” Burgos explained. “He doesn’t think about what he’s going to say. He’s always like that. He’ll come into the gym and he’ll say the funniest s***. We go to these other gyms sometimes, these boxing gyms, and some of these boxers will be talking smack to him and he’s not the one you want to talk smack to. He really is the best smack talker, whether he’s joking or not. When he’s joking it’s fun and stuff, but when you get a guy that really pisses him off he’s even more entertaining to watch.”

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Renfro suffered a disappointing defeat on Dana White’s Contender Series that is likely the only reason he has yet to make his UFC debut, but he is more than confident that with a strong performance at LFA 125 he’ll be in the Octagon before the end of the year.

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Even after getting the Pippen treatment, Burgos couldn’t help but agree.

“Honestly, he’s one of the most explosive guys I’ve ever sparred,” Burgos said. “He’s bigger than me, obviously, but he’s really f*****g explosive. He’s a special specimen, a special talent, his build is very explosive. He’s not a wrestler but the m**********r will just take you to the ground. His timing is really freaking good when it comes to that. He’s definitely one of the most explosive guys I’ve ever trained with.”

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Renfro is at Tiger Schulmann’s to stay, and the whole gym, including Shane “Pippen” Burgos, is happy to hear that. As for the potholes, Renfro has a plan for those too that might be more expensive than moving, but well worth it.

“I have a car in mind but it’s probably worse with potholes so I’ll have to get a few cars,” Renfro said. “A lot of my teammates they have a truck and a car. They have a giant truck that they drive to the gym and then a car and maybe even one other car after that. I think just having a truck and then a nice car for when it’s really nice out would be nice.”

He can make it all happen with another dominant win at LFA 125!

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