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A Night of Finishes in Australia

By: Jack Walsh, FIGHTLAND

“'Do every act of your life as if it were your last.' Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor and Stoic, had to have been smiling down upon UFC Sydney. 11 fights. 11 finishes. UFC Sydney brought back the recklessness, and good god it was glorious. 11 guys came back with their shields, the others, on them. 
"Maybe it’s the global appeal of the current fight night structure, but these Fight Pass labeled events have been killing it. Dublin, Austin—and now Sydney—these markets are screaming out for the big show, and when the lights are on, always create genuine moments that act as cultural reminders of why you love the sport. 
"There just seems to be a more natural feel to this year’s Fight Night cards. There’s a new energy, a new level of interest. From the big fights to going along with the hometown fight fans and watching their local boys and girls throw alongside the big names of the sport, it really can be a true event of martial arts fandom. 
"Speaking exclusively to Fightland, 'Astro Girl' Alex Chambers—Invicta vet and now UFC debutant—is Sydney based and had this to say about the night."
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