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Nico Echeverry's Interests Run Far And Wide | UFC Fight Pass

Nico Echeverry Might Not Be Your Average Mixed Martial Artist But Enjoy A Vast Array Of Hobbies Outside The Cage.

Booming arenas with screaming crowds and Dungeons & Dragons. Not exactly a “peanut butter and jelly” combo but Fury FC’s Nico Echeverry has quite the addiction to both.

Proudly flaunting the term “Nerd,” Echeverry more than lives up to the name. On top of cage fighting, Echeverry is an avid mathematician, devout video game player, one of the best damn miniature painters around and a top shelf “Dungeon Master.”

At this point, Echeverry is head under water submerged in his “nerd” lifestyle. While some may think somebody would be fortunate enough to be born into this type of personality, that’s not the case for one of the most dangerous men in Texas.

“My stepdad, who my mom married when I was in like 5th grade, wanted to connect with me and brothers, so he introduced us to D&D,” Echeverry explains. “It was pretty cool but I was a kid with a small attention span so I couldn’t really pay attention so it kind of fell away.”

Cool indeed.

Every parent’s nightmare was on the horizon. Echeverry lost interest in D&D and he lived a life of only mathematics and video games until he was 22 years old. Out of nowhere the life he once lived came back and he proved it’s never too late.

“When I was 22, I was watching some videos on YouTube of people playing Dungeons & Dragons,” Echeverry explained. “I reached out to my friends and I was like, ‘let’s meet up and I’ll run a game.’ They loved it and I was this DM for like two years for this group of two friends all the way to seven friends and then they became DMs. It just kind of grew into this whole big thing.”

Staying humble to the point of selling himself short, Echeverry explains the qualifications to being a Dungeon Master, or a DM, as the community says.

“It’s easy,” Echeverry said. “Just some dice and be decent at improv and just at least one friend and that’s all you need. If you wanted to, you could just say I’m a Dungeon Master and I’d believe you; now whether you’re a good one or a bad one is different.”

Good or bad, in the cage or in the basement, don’t think that your skills are going to be enough to get inside the head of Echeverry. The man has seen the world in a broader scope than most, and at 30 years old, he flinches for no man, woman or beast.

“At weigh ins I’m wearing a Deadpool robe and hat, I have very flamboyant undies, I’m always smiling,” Echeverry said. “Even in the cage most people stare down their opponent and pace back and forth. Me, I sit on my butt in my corner and kind of just chill until it’s time to go.”

His professional MMA record stands at 9-4 and his D&D record is a number of urban legend as opposed to available measurement. Nobody knows for sure, but there’s one thing you can bet on, if you cross Nico Echeverry, it doesn’t pay to test his abilities.

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