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Nick Piccininni Was Made For The Spotlight | UFC Fight Pass

Nick Piccininni Is Confident He'll Shine In The Spotlight At Fury FC 72, Which Airs Live On UFC Fight Pass.

Just when you didn’t think it was possible for Fury FC to house another flyweight stud, they went and signed Nick Piccininni.

“I was looking for a fight in December and I got a call from DC and he said, ‘I was thinking about Fury FC, what do you think about Fury?’ I was like, ‘I never really thought about it.’ He said, ‘We could see what that looks like. Fury’s a solid promotion, it’s a very good promotion for taking that next step.’ I said, ‘Hell yeah’” Piccininni said.

MMA flyweights have been making waves as of late with the aggressive attack of Deiveson Figueiredo, the heart and personality of Brandon Moreno, the “don’t blink” factor of Brandon Royval and Kai Kara-France, and many more. It seems to be the next division to watch, and it’ll soon be thanks to promotions like Fury FC.

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“I saw that they were bigger, with a big name and big following and I was in,” Piccininni said. “We started looking for opponents and now I’m here. They have good flyweights, some of the best in any organization across the nation.”

It’s only fitting for the biggest promotion in Texas to sign the man who could derail a lot of plans for a lot of highly touted flyweights.

For the second year in a row, Piccininni is likely to be named a FIGHT PASS Fighter To Watch, and with the challenges Fury FC will be able to bring to him, it’s only natural to assume that with a big year in 2023, he could be looking at Fighter of the Year consideration.

There’s a steep climb ahead of him starting with his Fury FC debut against Freddie Rodriguez, but Piccininni isn’t about to flinch.

“I appreciate [UFC FIGHT PASS] believing in me,” Piccininni said. “I believe in myself the way you guys believe in me. I’m ready to fight these guys and make this next step. I’m fighting a good dude. He’s 4-0, I’m 3-0. We’re both undefeated. He was a wrestler, I’m a wrestler. We were both in each other’s weight division in college. I’m not going up against a guy who’s 2-5. I know I’m new in the sport, but I’m putting up my record against his record.”

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Fury FC President Eric Garcia has been high on his bantamweights and flyweights for a long time, and a win over a fighter with the NCAA reputation and 3-0 MMA record that Piccininni brings into the organization, Houston fighters are either about to see Piccininni as the next big threat to their shot in the UFC or the W they need to punch their ticket.

Both of which Piccininni feels would be a mistake.

“I’m so new in this sport; I’ve only been in this sport for two years. I’m just getting started and ready to prove to everybody that I’m better than they think. You might think I’m a steppingstone but I’m the end for a lot of people. My potential to rise and learn in this sport is…I don’t think I have a ceiling. I’m putting myself in situations to let people know that I’m for real and I’m coming. You might think I’m a steppingstone, but you better watch out because I have different plans for you.”

With every win, Piccininni feels leaps and bounds more confident and closer to getting the call from the UFC. Not one to get ahead of himself, the Oklahoma State Cowboy remains patient in his journey to the top, but knows that when the call does come, he isn’t going to need to schedule a follow-up call to think things over.

“You never know, but when that opportunity does come knocking, I’ll be ready like I always have,” Piccininni said. “Any time in my life I’ve been put into the spotlight, I’ll be prepared.”

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