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A New Era Begins in Brazil

What makes The Ultimate Fighter Brasil so different?

It's easy to notice something really special when the 32 selected men for the first edition of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil walk towards the Octagon™ for the very first time.

A few of the fighters put their emotions on display while both coaches and MMA legends, Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva, give their introductory speeches; some of the men thank God for providing them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, while others simply shed tears. All this mix of emotion and anxiety takes place even before the fighters know who they will be matched up against to fight for their place in the The Ultimate Fighter house.

The disposition quickly changes from emotional to serious as the UFC president, Dana White, is introduced, who wastes no time in getting straight to the point:

"I'm looking for the next world champion. This is the opportunity of your lives. You made it this far. But it doesn't end here. You will have to fight to get in to the house."

"No one wants to lose the chance to be on this show. No one wants to be out of this. Today is the day! Today is the most important day of your lives. You'll give your best here today to get inside that house, and maybe become world champions in the UFC. Are you ready?"

Surprised by the silence and lack of response, Dana again asks emphatically, "Are you ready!?"

The 32 fighters all take their cue, and respond loudly and clearly with an enthusiastic "YES!!".