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Myron Dennis Puts On A Show

Relive Myron Dennis' LFA 99 Walkout, Which Showed Off His Dance Moves.

If you strip your walk out of props, costumes, special effects and theatrics, is it even possible to take home “Walk out of the Year?” If you have hips like Myron Dennis you can.

When Devin the Dude released “We Smokin’” earlier this yea,r this was most likely not what he had in mind, but it’s hard to imagine he’d be disappointed.

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As the final fighter to make the walk to the cage in LFA 99’s main event, Myron Dennis had let everybody else warm the stage up for him so that he could make the crowd hot.

After his name was announced, the crowd got an extra long look at ring announcer Mike Kendall as the music started, and by the time the camera focused on Dennis, he wasn’t walking to the cage. The lights had dimmed in the arena and his back was to the camera as he put on a performance would make most ladies kick Magic Mike out of the club.

“I don’t know, it’s really confusing come fight night,” said Dennis. “I’m real turned on. I can’t help it.”

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According to Dennis, this was far from the first time he’s walked to the cage in this manner. In fact, the entire gym gets a show at every practice when his MMA coach has the team warm up with hip circles. Add in the absolute perfect song and Dennis is ready for business.

“It’s got to be a little funky,” Dennis explains. “The beat and the sound, it’s got to be one where you make that stank face a little bit. You’ve got to really feel it.”

Dennis strongly feels that his walk out will stay the frontrunner for the remainder of the year. In his mind, authenticity beats gimmicks every time, and with six months to go in 2021. we may not have seen the last of him, and he’ll be amping it up next time, so stay tuned.

“Some people are going to try and fake it but they ain’t got the skills to pay the bills,” Dennis said. “Not only am I going to be giving them that action when I walk out, I’m going to knock their ass out in the cage then dance back to my corner.”

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