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A Movie About Aldo's Life is in Production


"Forget McGregor’s television show for a moment, and look back a few years: in 2011, it was announced that a film about the trials and tribulations that have landed José Aldo where he currently stands was being written, and that it would be ready some time in 2012. Now, in 2015, news of the project is finally peering through the settling dust that Aldo’s left in his uncontested trail of triumphs.
"The film, which comes under the direction of Afonso Poyart, has finally entered production, and the cast has been defined. Filming begins next month, and the film has secured distribution from Brazilian company Paris Filmes. Actor Malvino Salvador was originally going to play Aldo, but José Loreto, a 30-year-old Rio native famous for his performances in popular Brazilian soaps, has replaced him. Brazilian beauty Cléo Pires comes in as Aldo’s wife, Vivianne—a person forever fundamental in the undisputed featherweight champion’s journey, going as far back as his humble mixed martial arts beginnings.
"Sandi Adamiu, executive at Paris Filmes, expects that the narrative that sees Aldo’s humble adolescence transform into the life of a dominant champion will attract a large number of viewers.
"He also reveals that the Ultimate Fighting Championship is an investor in the film, allowing the producers to utilize the brand to further the film: 'The film is in pre-production and we begin shooting next month. We estimate the release to happen in January or February of next year. The director is Afonso Poyart, and it’s a film with the UFC as an investor, so we can use the brand to further tell the story of Aldo. It’s the story of an underdog, and a story of love. So we expect a large audience.'"
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