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Morgan Charriere poses after a victory in Cage Warriors
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Morgan Charriere: Sending A Message

Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion Morgan Charriere Wants To Send A Message With His Performance Against Jordan Vucenic At Cage Warriors 122.

Social media popularity or not, Morgan Charriere has no problem letting his fists do the trash talking.

Charriere’s first Cage Warriors title defense is only days away and he’s as famous as he has ever been. His presence on social media is understood by everybody in the Cage Warriors featherweight division, for better or worse, and “The Last Pirate” couldn’t be happier with the fans he has accrued. But the almost taboo subject of social media star turned fighter is still a narrative he rejects.

“I’ve been doing martial arts since I was six years old; I’ve done MMA a lot,” Charriere explained. “I have a lot of fights, a lot of pro fights. I’m a fighter first.”

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In recent weeks, his Cage Warriors 122 opponent, Jordan Vucenic, called into question the MMA knowledge of Charriere’s massive fanbase. Challenging their familiarity with the sport and dismissing the angry DMs he receives from them on social media.

Charriere concedes that they may not have been lifelong MMA diehards, but he embraces the opportunity he has to introduce his loyal wave into the world of MMA, a world he fell in love with at six years old.

“Before me, I think a lot of them didn’t know MMA, so they don’t follow MMA, they just follow me,” Charriere said. “So it’s different. It’s like I’m bringing new people to MMA, because these people who follow me now follow the sport. They seem to like it; they seem to come to the events to see me so they see more MMA.”

Charriere’s personal belief is that he isn’t just a social media fan favorite; he’s opening a wide-reaching audience to MMA’s French Revolution.

His fans operate on a loyalty that is hard to come by outside of the UFC. They take note to everything that’s said for better or worse from his opponents. Should you attack him, you might as well turn your notifications off. Charriere doesn’t react because he never has to. He’s been through it before.

“They don’t forget on Twitter,” Charriere laughed. “I think my fight with Dean Trueman had bad blood. It was my last fight before I became featherweight champion and there was a bit of bad blood but I don’t like to trash talk with people so it was him talking trash on Twitter to my followers; they will do the attacking for me.”

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Vucenic’s DM’s have already been pillaged by “The Last Pirate’s” hearties and while Charriere isn’t afraid to engage verbally, it’s not his style. For those doubting his credibility and skills, he’s got a very simple message.

“They can say whatever they want because when we get in the cage, they will know I’m not a YouTuber,” Charriere said. “I’m the featherweight Cage Warriors champ right now. I think I can prove I’m not just a YouTuber. If they want to look at me like this, they can, but when they lose to me they will have no excuse.”

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