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MMA'S Top Reporters Offer Predictions on BROWN vs ALDO

Las Vegas, NV (USA) – Can champion Mike Brown successfully defend the World Extreme Cagefighting® featherweight title for a third consecutive time on Nov. 18? That is the question many fans across the world are pondering at this very moment. In anticipation of the epic championship clash between champion Mike Brown (22-4) and challenger Jose Aldo (15-1), some of the nation’s top reporters gathered to offer their opinions on the bout.




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Las Vegas, NV (USA) – Can champion Mike Brown successfully defend the World Extreme Cagefighting® featherweight title for a third consecutive time on Nov. 18? That is the question many fans across the world are pondering at this very moment. In anticipation of the epic championship clash between champion Mike Brown (22-4) and challenger Jose Aldo (15-1), some of the nation’s top reporters gathered to offer their opinions on the bout.

Below are some of the thoughts on Brown vs. Aldo. Based on the commentary offered by outlets such as USA Today, Yahoo! Sports, and Fox News, it is clear that the Brown-Aldo contest has the potential to be one of the greatest fights of the year.

Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports
Prediction: Brown by Decision

“This is a tough one, given Aldo's dynamic style, but Brown earned plenty of points with me with the way he handled Urijah Faber. He's tremendously strong and has a great all-around game. Aldo is going to be a special fighter some day very soon, but I'm guessing Brown will retain the belt via a unanimous decision in a back-and-forth fight.”

Dann Stupp, Dayton Daily News/
Prediction: Brown by Decision

“This is definitely a hidden gem of the fall fight schedule with Mike Brown and Jose Aldo having 18 straight wins between them. And while Aldo has thoroughly impressed me with his recent string of knockouts, I think Brown's experience and patience will reign supreme. Brown definitely knows how to stick to a game plan. I'm sure ATT will put together a good one for him -- and he'll need it considering Aldo's well-rounded game. Ultimately, while I expect the fight to have some close calls, I think it eventually goes to a decision with Brown winning it on the judges' cards.”

Mark LaMonica, Newsday
Prediction: Brown by TKO 2

“Aldo is an exciting, explosive fighter, but I'm on the Mike Brown train until it derails. He beat Urijah Faber twice and still gets no love. Not really sure why. Brown over Aldo in a wildly entertaining bout, with Brown catching him with a big right hand in the second round.”

Mike Straka, FOX Fight Game
Prediction: Aldo

“This is a great fight; however I have to go with speed over pure power on this one. Although Mike Brown demonstrated twice he can manage an onslaught from a great fighter like Faber, Aldo has devastating leg kicks and has demonstrated finishing power in several fights. I say Jose Aldo.”

Ariel Helwani, VERSUS/ AOL Fanhouse
Prediction: Brown by TKO 4

“I think Brown's experience in five-round main events, plus his strong chin and strength, will be the deciding factor.”

Tristen Critchfield, Albuquerque Journal
Prediction: Aldo by TKO 3

“Mike Brown may be the bigger and stronger fighter, but Jose Aldo is more explosive. The Brazilian will finish this one on his feet and earn his sixth straight TKO victory in the WEC. I made the mistake of underestimating Brown in his rematch with Urijah Faber, but this time it's different. Brown is an outstanding champion, but Aldo is the type of phenom we may one day be mentioning in the same breath as Anderson Silva. This might not be the last time we see these two square off.”

TJ DeSantis,
Prediction: Brown by decision

“The match-up between Jose Aldo and Mike Brown has ‘Fight of the Year’ written all over it. Aldo has been an unstoppable force since arriving in the WEC. However, Mike Brown has been just as decisive in his road to the title. It is hard to pick this fight because both men have been so impressive.


“I have to go with the champion, however. Mike Brown has done nothing but prove he is the real deal since defeating Urijah Faber a year ago in Florida. I like Brown to take Aldo down and bully him around on the mat. Now, that is easier said than done. But over five rounds I think Brown will get passed Aldo’s electric striking game and push the pace with wrestling. Once it’s to the floor Mike will still have to be careful of the Brazilians jiu-jitsu. Barring an Aldo submission I see this fight going to Mike Thomas Brown by decision.”

Steve Cofield, ESPN 1100/Yahoo! Sports
Prediction: Brown via third-round stoppage

“Brown via stoppage third round. Brown's size and wrestling will nullify Aldo’s attack. It's a true 155er v. a true 135er. Aldo can't hurt Brown and Brown will control the pace of the fight.”

Mike Chiappetta, AOL Fanhouse
Prediction: Aldo

“With hesitation, I am picking Jose Aldo. This is one of those matchups that for me, the more I think about it, the less sure I am about the outcome. Aldo has excellent hand speed and power, while Brown has his own power and the ability to wear Aldo down with his wrestling. The dangerous thing is Brown could make all the right moves for a long stretch, make one mistake and it could all be over for him. Aldo brings an element of edge-of-your-seat excitement that few in the MMA game have. He's like a featherweight Anderson Silva, and I think he'll find a way to win and begin his reign.”

Sergio Non, USA Today
Prediction: Brown

Brown isn't as physically gifted as Aldo, but the champ has shown more versatility as an MMA fighter so far. Brown has beaten explosive athletes before, and he'll do it again with his steady, intelligent approach.

John Morgan, Dallas Morning News/
Prediction: Brown by TKO

“The great thing about this fight are the questions that surround it and the contrasts between the two opponents. The champion, Mike Brown, has shown the ability to outwork and simply overpower his opponents. His two wins over former champ Urijah Faber and his manhandling of top contender Leonard Garcia have proven that Brown is the best featherweight in the world. But Jose Aldo's blend of speed and aggressive striking has put the entire division on notice, and his eight-second knockout of Cub Swanson was among the most brutal finishes of 2009.

Both fighters have shown finishing ability from the feet, but I think this fight is ultimately decided through grappling. Can Aldo maintain his composure in the clinch? Can Brown neutralize the Brazilian's dynamic striking at close range? And while Aldo's Nova Uniao camp produces some of the best jiu-jitsu artists in the world, Brown's American Top Team training partners are more than capable in that department.

In the end, I lean slightly toward the champ. Brown took out Faber when most of the world thought "The California Kid" was indestructible. Brown then repeated the performance in front of a hostile crowd in Faber's hometown of Sacramanto, Calif. In the interim, Brown demolished Garcia in his home state of Texas. In short, Brown has found himself in difficult situations against elite-level opponents and found a way to come out on top. I think he does that again on Nov. 18 and earns a TKO win over "Junior."

That being said, anything is possible with these two great fighters, and I think this is one of the most-anticipated matchups of 2009. I can't wait to see this fight.”

Matt Brown, Fight! Magazine
Prediction: Brown

“I think this is one of my most anticipated matches of the year.  You're talking about a guy that beat Urijah Faber twice with Leonard Garcia sandwiched in the middle - all in the course of seven months.  Another guy who won his last fight via double flying knee!  Both fighters haven't lost since 2005.  What more could you ask for?  I think Mike Brown is probably the most underrated fighter in the world.  In the end, I see Brown's size and strength (he looks like he could fight at 170!) coupled with superior wrestling being too much for Aldo.  I think Aldo spends a great deal of the fight on his back, wears down, and Brown wins in the 4th or 5th round.”

Odeen Domingo, Arizona Republic
Prediction: Aldo TKO 2

“How can you bet against Mike Brown? The last time he lost, Friends was still on air. And he twice put the beat down on everyone’s favorite fighter, Urijah Faber. So how can you bet against Mike Brown? Well, even the best lose sometimes. And that sometime will come on Nov. 18 when Jose Aldo, with his speed like Usain Bolt and arms like Mr. Fantastic, heads into the ring to face and -- eventually beat -- the champ.”

Brett Okamoto, Las Vegas Sun
Prediction: Brown by stoppage

“Jose Aldo is as explosive a fighter as they come. He’s unpredictable, creative and obviously packs a lot of power. But Mike Brown has shown throughout his career that he is game to overcome any challenge, including fighting a guy like Urijah Faber in the most unfriendly confines you could ask for in Sacramento. Brown is a well-rounded guy which makes him more suited to handle all types of different challengers to his belt. I’m predicting Brown by either submission or TKO in the third round.”

Gary Alexander, Fighters Only Magazine
Prediction: Brown by decision

“As well as being the more experienced fighter, Mike Brown has faced tougher competition than Aldo. Brown hasn't faced a loss since Dec. of ‘05, and every loss prior to that was by submission. Aldo has submitted opponents, but is no submission ace. Aldo himself hasn't tasted defeat since ‘05 as well, and look for this to be a battle on the feet that could possibly produce fight of the night and/or KO of the night!”

Matt Erickson, The Times of Northwest Indiana
Prediction: Brown by decision 

“The fashionable pick here is Jose Aldo based on his amazing eight-second win in June. But I like Mike Brown in this fight. Aldo is a whiz at Brazilian jiu-jitsu, yet he hasn't submitted an opponent in five and a half years. He's been making his living knocking out all his WEC opponents -- but none of them have had the kind of full package that Brown has. If the fight stays standing, the champ has proven he can trade hands. If it goes to the ground, Brown's size and wrestling prowess could be good counters for Aldo's BJJ.”

Jeremy Botter,
Prediction: Brown

“Jose Aldo presents an interesting challenge for Mike Brown. He sports a solid record, and his double flying-knee victory over Cub Swanson in June will no doubt go down as a highlight in a year stacked full of great WEC moments. He has an exciting, crowd-pleasing style.

But Mike Brown is on top of his game. Not only has he faced better competition than Aldo, he has steamrolled through his recent opponents. He has the ability to adapt to any style and beat his opponent at the strongest aspect of their game. That makes him a dangerous opponent, and it will ultimately make him the victor in this bout.”

Ken Pishna,
Prediction: Aldo by TKO 2

“The Mike Brown vs. Jose Aldo title fight is one of those “if” fights. If it goes quick, it will be a knockout by Aldo. If the fight goes deep, Brown wins by decision. Brown is a strong champion, seasoned by nearly a decade of experience. Despite holding a brown belt in jiu-jitsu compared to Aldo’s black belt, Brown’s added wrestling abilities make him the more dangerous fighter on the mat. His boxing is good, but his bread and butter is on the ground. He has submission skills in his arsenal, but that’s not Aldo’s game. His striking is like a featherweight version of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, except that he might be faster. Five WEC fights, five knockouts. You can’t argue Aldo’s results. I think this is going to be a short, intense fight. Aldo will get pushed harder than ever before, taking his lumps early, but I see him using his blazing speed to knock Brown out and take the title.”