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Meet The Blackzilians' Vicente Luque

By Jay Reddick, Orlando Sentinel

For his stint on “The Ultimate Fighter,” Vicente Luque was forced to live in a house filled with martial artists – a role Luque had prepared for practically all his life.

Luque’s mother is a black belt in karate, and the Brazilian himself started training in karate almost as soon as he could walk. By age 17, he was a professional mixed martial artist. Suffice it to say, Luque has some knowledge of the subject.

“My mom put me into karate training when I was 3,” Luque said Thursday. “I loved it all along, but when I was 15 I started training in Muay Thai. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a fighter.”

After fighting on smaller shows throughout Brazil for about five years, Luque came to the United States and joined the Blackzilians in Boca Raton in early 2014. When the time came to pick eight young welterweights to face off with eight from American Top Team for the “Ultimate Fighter” reality show, Luque set himself apart.
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