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Is McGregor UFC's Version of Muhammad Ali?

The Irish Muhammad Ali is in the UFC
By: Ian Carey, Huffington Post

"He's either the Irish Muhammad Ali, or the Irish Ric Flair, either way he is a legit money-making opportunity for the UFC.
"Conor McGregor made UFC veteran Dennis Siver look like he didn't even belong in the same sport as him on Sunday night, which is pretty much what has happened to every one of McGregor's five UFC opponents thus far. If that wasn't enough of a show for the Boston crowd already, a split second after the fight ended Conor jumped the cage and started getting in the face of UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo, who flinched exactly zero times throughout the encounter.
"McGregor is already a star, already someone who sells tickets, but if he wants to reach Anderson Silva, GSP, or Brock Lesnar levels in terms of paydays, he will have to win the title, which requires beating Jose Aldo."
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