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McCall Ready for UFC 183

By: Andreas Brauning, FIGHTLAND

"Heading into UFC 183, Ian McCall is coming off a strong triumph over Brad Pickett at the legendary Fight Night in Dublin, Ireland. Having originally been slated to face John Lineker at UFC Fight Night 56: Shogun Vs. St. Preux—a night OSP stunned Shogun and finished him seconds into the first round—McCall became ill the day before the fight and was forced to pull out by the promotion’s medical experts. Now, after much anticipation, McCall finally faces Lineker in a 125 pound contest. At stake is a shot at Demetrious 'Mighty Mouse' Johnson’s Ultimate Fighting Championship Flyweight Champion of the World title.
"Fightland had the distinct pleasure of spending close to an hour on the phone with Ian McCall. He’s in good spirits, prepared, healthy, and sure that he’s got this fight locked down.
"On his mindset heading into his UFC 183 bout
"Never felt better man. Honestly I know a lot people say that but I feel really, really good. I'm actually healthy for this one, you know. The preparation wasn't any different, I always do the same thing. You know, you work on little variables like head movement depending on your opponent—but that’s stuff my coaches worry about. My coaches— they deal with all that stuff for me, and I, I just work. I do the work I’m told to do, and I’m a good dog, I’m just looking for a pat on the head and told i did a good job."
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