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Mayweather vs. McGregor live results


"I do not care about his records or achievements. It's man vs man." @TheNotoriousMMA #MayweatherMcGregor #ConorMcGregor
— UFC (@ufc) August 27, 2017

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are set to meet in the biggest combat sports event in history tonight? Follow along with all the action below as we move through the 12 rounds from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.
Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor
Follow the action below

8:26 – Co-main event Gervonta Davis vs. Francisco Fonseca is currently in progress. The main event was expected to begin around 11:40pm/8:40pm ETPT. Looks like it will go down a little later as massive PPV demand has reportedly caused some issues for some providers. We’ll keep you posted right here.

8:59 – The national anthems are being sung now. First Ireland’s by Imelda May and then the U.S. anthem by Demi Lovato.

9:06 – Conor Mcgregor makes his walk to the ring with his traditional music. Looks to have his usual stoic face.

9:08 – Floyd Mayweather makes his walk to the ring wearing a “TBE” hat and a ski mask. Both fighters are now in the ring.

9:12 – The fighters have been introduced. McGregor gets a pretty loud ovation and Mayweather gets a mixture of both. They faceoff and Mayweather making faces, McGregor barely blinking.

9:14 – McGregor comes out coming forward and lands a few left hands in the opening minute. Nothing really seemed to bother Mayweather but McGregor lands a left upper cut at about 30 seconds to go in the round that stopped Floyd for a moment. Impressive first round for Conor but Mayweather seemed to not be throwing a ton.

9:18 – McGregor lands a nice straight left in the opening seconds of the second round. Referee warns the Irishman about hitting the back of the head on one exchange in close. A few more tie ups in the round and it was a closer one. Likely McGregor still wins it though.

9:22 – McGregor lands a couple big shots midway through the round snapping Floyd’s head back. The jab is working a bit for McGregor and Mayweather not really throwing a ton.

9:26 – Mayweather gets going a bit in the fourth round. He landed a couple nice body shots and seems to be getting the timing down a bit.

9:30 – Mayweather’s best round of the night. Landed two big combinations and one ended with a nice right hand that seemed to make McGregor slow for a moment.

9:34 – Good round from both men. McGregor landed a couple jabs and jolted Floyd with a straight left. Mayweather landed a few big ones of his own. Tough round to score. McGregor seems to be tiring a bit but he came back nicely in the round after a bad fifth.

9:38 – Strong round for Mayweather who landed a big upper cut and a pair of big straight hands. McGregor looked to take a big blow at the end of the round. Clear round for Mayweather who seems to be in control.

9:42 – Better round for McGregor but he’s getting hit more than he’d probably like to. He has his moments of really nice defense. But when Mayweather lands he’s landing big shots. The cardio seems to be an issue as none of McGregor’s punches, even when he lands, are making Mayweather stop in his tracks.

9:46 – Mayweather had Conor stumbled in the ninth round. He landed a few straight rights and McGregor was struggling to keep Floyd from pushing forward. Clear round for Mayweather. 9:50 – Mayweather swarmed McGregor in the 10th round and started landed massive shots. The referee stepped in and stopped the fight as Mayweather began to poor it on, giving “Money” the TKO finish at 1:05 of the 10 the round.

The main event has arrived!!! #MayweatherMcGregor #Mayweather #McGregor
— UFC (@ufc) August 27, 2017